A Man In Uniform

There are few things in this world that cause me to be weak in the knees . . .


This picture of D, however, in his dress whites SURE does take the cake! I stumbled upon this little beauty back in December of 2012 while we were in the middle of prepping for our move from a condo to a house. Now, it’s not like I hadn’t already seen some of D’s snapshots from his college days, but man [WOW!] I had no idea a single portrait could have that affect on me!

That’s great, Jenna, but why in the heck are you telling me this?

Well, in an attempt to my “finishing projects before starting new ones,” I FINALLY scanned and printed a copy of the photo for this frame I had specifically purchase for it = done and done!

“I was in Europe and it was at this stage that I fell in love with Americans in uniform. And I continue to have that love affair.” – Madeleine Albright

Plus, who doesn’t want to see a man in uniform?!

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