A Husker Blanket

The time is here for me to FINALLY share with you this [insane] gift idea I had for Christmas.

Okay, I realize it’s no longer the holidays or 2013 . . . however, I had to wait so I didn’t ruin the surprise ;)

I made my baby brother a Husker blanket.


Now, I know I said my “baby” brother, BUT in no way is he a little – like a baby. Nope! Evan is 6’ 3” with size 15 shoes. [In fact] his capacity was one of the contributing factors as to why I decided to make an “Evan”-sized throw in the first place. I mean who makes a blanket of that magnitude?! [Lol.] I also already had the football fabric leftover from my “Style Crazed: Five For Football” post AND I hate to see anything not go to good use. Plus, he LOOOVES the Huskers! Anyway, I thought it make for a really great present, so I created it. And it was almost more than I could pull off. Did I fail to mention I’ve never constructed anything like this before? Yea, that’s why I called it “insane” earlier, because, well, it was. The entire project was incredibly difficult and caused more tears/f-bombs/Band-Aids than I care to admit! But I saw it through and completed it just in time for December 26th = when my baby brother was to come visit us here in San Diego. But plans changed [as life tends to do], so I ended up shipping it to Nebraska instead.

“Presents are made for the pleasure of who gives them, not the merits of who receives them.” – Carlos Ruiz Zafon

And although, I didn’t get to see the expression he had when he opened it, I’m still glad I did it!



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