O Christmas Tree

I’m a little bit behind.


Yes, it’s very unlike me to NOT have a tree completely decorated with merry stuff galore by the Friday after Thanksgiving. However, here it is December 9th and I’m still struggling to get it done. [Damn.] The reason? Well, that’s the beauty of “starting over.” Last year, me and D were so focused on moving into the house we currently reside in that I didn’t have much time to get into all the festive details. I mean D already had this pretty sweet tree, so that worked out in my favor. We purchased a few ornaments and that was that. Anyway, this year, I wanted to get creative [SHOCKER ALERT!] and make some unique stuff for our yuletide décor. And I’m just starting now :/

“The lights on my tree. I wish you could see. I wish it every day.” – The Carpenters

But, it’s all good ;) starting Wednesday, there will be some cheerful holiday D.I.Y.’s here on LLM! I just have to remind myself to not let “the perfection ruin the good.” Oh, and the location of my hot glue gun . . .

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