Is Common Courtesy Dead?

I stop your regularly scheduled reading for this personal service announcement.

Rudeness: it’s something that has been blowing my mind and heavily weighing down my heart.

I just have to ask, people – is common courtesy dead?!


I’m being serious. Everywhere I go lately, I encounter people who have unfortunately NO clue as to what “manners” actually are. Maybe the universe is trying to challenge me? Or maybe I was raised better than that? Or maybe, just maybe, we are ALL too wrapped up in our own story? This is particular notion was passed along to me a few short weeks ago by my life coach.

Wait. Jenna has a life coach?

Yea, I might have forgotten to mention that before, but yes, I do have a life coach and have had a life coach for way over a year now. And honestly, it’s the best money I have ever spent. There’s something so incredibly nice about talking to someone once a week who is NOT directly in your life AND who takes a positive approach to you and psychology. So, judge if you want ;) but my life coach even has a life coach.

Anyway, back to the rant at hand.

The idea that one might be too engulfed in what his/her life entails has [personally] brought such perspective into my days. I mean it is true! I know when I have a list of way too many to-do’s and I’m out trying to conquer them all at once = I get irritated. And irritableness can easily turn into a discourteous nature. SO, I’ve been trying to slow it down a bit. And maybe that’s what’s causing the Grinches of the world? BUT, whatever “it” is, the public’s general lack of polite behavior continues to baffle this Midwest gal and ultimately makes me sad. Now, I know I should probably develop some numbness towards others’ and I AM working on growing thicker skin. However, I will never stop wishing for each of us to be good to one another. I mean it IS the most wonderful time of the year after all!

“No one is more insufferable than he who lacks basic courtesy.” – Bryant McGill

So in closing, yes, none of us are perfect, but as you go out into your world today, take deep breath of patience, smile at a stranger, and treat each other like you would your dear, old, dear grandma.

We can ALL be a little bit better . . . RIGHT?!

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