My Cornucopia of Thankfulness

The week of turkey-lurkey goodness is here, folks!

And I’m feeling a bit, well, appreciative [to say the least].

So much so, I’ve concocted my very own little list.


I call it “My Cornucopia of Thankfulness” – has a nice ring to it, right?! Anyway, here are my top 5 reasons for why I am grateful this holiday season:

1. My D

This one probably goes without saying. However, I still think he’s worth mentioning ;) I cannot believe I FINALLY found such an amazing man, honest person, and the very best friend a human being could ask for. I never thought I would find all these sorts of qualities in my partner, but I did! He just makes me a better “Jenna” and is so supportive with all my crazy, creative efforts. Maybe I should start calling him Saint D . . .

2. My Family & Friends

Everyone back home is so amazing. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost two years since I’ve been in Nebraska, but nevertheless, I feel your love strongly each and every day [even if you are thousands of miles away]. I hope me and D can make it back there sometime in 2014. I also have a wonderful group of awesome friends, spread across this nation, that completely have my back and are there for me at a moment’s notice. How did this lady get so lucky?

3. Our Dogs

Their unconditional adoration for us fills my heart with so much darling affection. I mean sure, they can drive me a little crazy from time to time, but all their irritations are worth it at the end of the day. They are a great example for what life is truly about = love.

4. My Work

I always hoped [but never truly believed] I would be able to be a full-time creative. Man, look at us now, 2012 Jenna! We’ve almost been at this shindig for an entire year. [WOW!] I guess sometimes you just have to put it out there and hope that the universe kicks something back that’s agreeable with you and your life ;)

5. My Health

Yoga [as you know] has completely transformed my life. My body, my mind, and my overall well-being are in complete balance. Plus, me and D found this practice together, which has been pretty cool and another wonderful aspect of our relationship. I just know this [personally] will be a lifelong workout.

“If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share.” – W. Clement Stone

So, there you have it: five explanations as to why I am so happy. There are [of course] a bazillion others, but this is the core of my contentedness.

Have a fun Thanksgiving, y’all!

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