Green Thumb

I’m starting to realize I share my mother’s plant-loving gene.


Well, because the addiction continues . . .


There’s some new greenery on our fireplace mantel ;) and as you can see, she’s a beauty. I haven’t quite named her yet, nor do I actually know what kind of indoor plant she is :( I was so elated to transplant her into my retro Etsy vase that I hastily threw away her container before I even took a look. And since the trash ran this morning, her info is now riding around in the back of some Waste Management truck. [FAIL!] I hate when I do that. I get so giddy about a project and sometimes don’t think things thru. Hopefully, next time I’m at Armstrong Garden Center, I can somehow remember to take note on her type. Anyway, back to my discovery. It’s not like I ever hated plants. I just had no idea how much joy they would bring me. They breathe such life into any space – thus the more I add, the happier I become.

“My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them.“ – Mitch Hedberg

I’m simply hooked!

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