A Change Of Plans

Today’s post is a bit different than what I had expected a few short months ago.

I originally thought I would be shouting from the mountaintops with exciting news.

But since I’m trying REALLY HARD to live in the reality of time, there’s been a change of plans.


See, tomorrow was going to be my first day of YogaWorks Teacher Training at Peace, Love, and Yoga.  I was accepted into the program, bought my books, and had even started reading them. [Maybe you remember this Instagram?] Anyway, one of the most wonderful aspects of me and D is how D is not only my cheerleader but is also my constant dose of reality. And you know what? I definitely needed one. Here was my idea: I was going to be a part-time yoga teacher on top of managing our house, my blog, and Homebird Upholstery. Yea, I definitely needed a timeout.

How did I think I was going to handle this all?

Well, first off, I would have probably lived in Crazyville – Population: 1. And secondly, I’m the lady that doesn’t know when enough is enough . . . or even the word “no” [for that matter]. I still have that same ambition younger “Jenna” embodied, living on a farm in the middle of Nebraska, with too much creativity and not enough resources. But it’s different now. I FINALLY have the life I hoped for. I mean I’m a full-time creative for crying out loud and have this amazing man who loves me for me. [Maybe he’s the crazy one?] Why do I constantly want to add more to my plate?

I should stop thinking the grass is greener on the other side and just water my own grass!

In short, I withdrew from the program. I thought my fellow yogi’s would be so disappointed in me, but I was mistaken. They were so supportive and totally understood. Do I believe yoga teacher training is in my future? Yes, I truly do. Do I know when? Nope. But that’s okay. I still have my practice. I will always put yoga on my daily to-do’s. It has simply changed my life and I can never go back.

“We all want progress, but if you’re on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.“ – C.S. Lewis

So, here’s to me trying to stay focused on what time will ACTUALLY allow and my sanity can handle ;) TGIF, y’all! I hope you discover something about “you” TODAY.

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