Style Crazed: Five For Football

Fall is here and you know what that means!?

[Well, it means a lot of things – cool weather, pumpkins, apple cider, and . . . ]


Yep, fall = football and I’m here to share with you five, contrasting ensembles I’m planning on wearing this season to support my team, the Kansas City Chiefs!


There are SOOO many opportunities to show your team spirit and I plan to take advantage of them every chance I get. So let’s talk how to display your NFL pride while being Style Crazed. Each item I’m wearing in this post is über comfortable AND all of them are interchangeable. What more could a closet ask for? [HA!] Okay, time to break down each look:

“Fashionable Fun”


Glasses: Chanel / Shirt: NFL Shop / Pants: Citizens of Humanity / Shoes: DSW

This outfit is everything I love about the fall. It’s colorful, cozy, and cute. Plus, it works with my new boots. [WIN-WIN!]

“Lazy Day Sunday”


Hat: NFL Shop / Glasses: Chanel / Sweatshirt & Sweatpants: Victoria’s Secret

We ALL need a day to just relax and not care about what we look like. For us [for whatever reason] Sunday is our usual day.  So, if we get lucky enough and the Chiefs’ game is actually being aired on Time Warner, we can cheer them on from the comfort of our very own couch and eat nachos [or whatever other junk foods we can get our hands on].

“Tailgate Time”


Hat & Tank Top: NFL Shop / Glasses: Chanel / Shorts: Urban Outfitters

Socks: Journeys / Shoes: NIKEiD

Pregame partying is always so much fun, so this get-up was a no brainer. It’s important to remember to be fun at the stadium . . . and yet tasteful. [Lol.]

“Old School Vibe”


Glasses: Chanel / Jacket: Victoria’s Secret / Button: Vintage / Shirt: NFL Shop

Purse: Bed Bath & Beyond / Pants: Citizens of Humanity / Shoes: Converse

It’s no secret that I love all things vintage, especially when it comes to clothing. And although, all of these items are from my era, they still have that certain classic feeling; makes my heart overwhelmingly happy!

“Sports Bar Shenanigans”


Glasses: Chanel / Shirt: NFL Shop / Pants: True Religion / Earrings & Shoes: Target

I’m guessing this will be one of my most worn fashions for football, as we have to watch most of our games from the seats of some bar with big screens, adult beverages, and DIRECTV.

“The reason women don’t play football is because 11 of them would never wear the same outfit in public.“ – Phyllis Diller

Well, that’s my five for football. Here’s to a hopeful, well-played season, y’all. Oh, and P.S. – you all know I love San Diego but sorry Charger fans, I’m not sorry ;) GO CHIEFS!

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  1. corinne howe says:

    Margaret shared the “DARLING” publication with me this morning and I searched until I found your great article. I share your love of making an old piece of furniture come to life. I did a lot of “refinishing” at one time. good luck in your endeavors.
    And I just finished visiting your website and seeing you in all of those exciting outfits.
    Love corinne and Russ

    • Jenna says:

      Wow! What a blast from the past! Thank you so much for your kind words, Corinne :) I hope you and Russell are doing well!

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