An Unknown Home

Do you ever buy something you absolutely adore but really don’t know where or how you’re going to use it in your home?

Yea, I do this more than I care to admit.

Luckily, however, I have a creative brain that just won’t quit ;)


I purchased the above three, differently-sized, glass, succulent globes [WOW! that’s a lot of adjectives] three or so months ago at Grounded in Encinitas and they sat on our kitchen counter for [umm] close to the same amount of time [whoops!]. I obviously knew I wanted to hang them, but the only problem was I didn’t know as to where. I first thought somewhere outside; decided against it since I would have to clear it through the homeowners. Next, I liked the idea of hanging them inside from the ceiling like my favorite salon, TWIG hair lounge, but quickly vetoed it, because I didn’t want to put holes into a ceiling that wasn’t ours either. Then one day while shopping at my home away from home [a.k.a. Home Depot], I ran across this copper hanging wire and my mind went WiLd! Well, mostly, because I freaking love anything copper, and two, because I was re-inspired to get these cute, green-friendly things hung. So, I got home and walked around for a bit, mulling over all my options, AND [as you can see] landed on our living room’s leaning ladder from my beloved CB2.

“I learned that passion about objects and furnishings makes for fearless decorators – and that if you are comfortable in your home, everyone else will be too. That sense of authenticity is what gives a home its soul.” – Courtnay Daniels Haden

I love how this turned out – a perfect home for three little plants . . . and y’all know how much I love bits of nature inside!

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