Adult Swim Saturdays: The Pictures

So yesterday, while enjoying a bowl of my favorite Trader Joe’s O’s as my lunch [yes, I AM eight years old], I ran across all these über amusing Adult Swim Saturdays pictures on the Dive Dayclub’s Facebook page!

And you know me – I just had to share.

ESPECIALLY, since they had an entire album dedicated to this past weekend’s festivities.


The pictures above and below are of their fantastic lazy river . . . and the calm before the storm.


“Duuun dun. Duuun dun.”


Their amazingly beautiful swim-up bar = the only one [believe it or not] in all of SoCal. Isn’t that crazy?!


If I could get on the Go-Go Dancers’ workout, that would be great ;) seriously some of the fittest bodies I have ever seen. [Twerk it, ladies! Twerk it!]


All the beautiful souls I had the pleasure of sharing my Saturday [and a cabana] with; SO MUCH FUN!


Geena The Latina from Channel 933 had a cabana right next to ours, which was cool. I had actually met her once before way back when I was a promotions model for Hpnotiq. It was nice to talk to her again.


Oh. And then, there’s this picture. I swear I am not a ghost, only an albino.


Harrah’s Rincon has built San Diego an adult daycare – such a good time!


The buses arrived and the shit show began.


Robbie Rivera was the main entertainment for the afternoon, and even though, I’m not a huge Dance/DJ/Remix kind of gal, I still enjoyed dancing to his beats. [And yes, Ms. Powder just said “beats.”]


“I believe that is life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade . . . and try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.” – Ron White


It was [hands down] my best Saturday of the summer. Thanks Dive Dayclub for the wonderful time and the beautiful pictures. I will be back!


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