Taking Time For Tea

Sometimes my creative busyness gets the best of me . . .


For example, while uploading pictures from my camera this weekend, I quickly discovered my absentmindedness over the photos I had taken over a week ago at my friend, Leslie’s, über cute tea party. I hate when I do this, because I obviously felt inspired by her brewed social gathering to take the time to snap a few, so why are they still on my camera!? I guess it’s my long-term, short-term memory.

Anyway, let’s take some time to talk tea:

Last Sunday was such a lovely afternoon filled with tea [obviously], finger sandwiches, and some Arbonne product sampling . And let me tell you, Leslie’s setup was beyond adorable! She had over 30 different kinds of teacups and saucers, a wide selection of fresh, high quality loose-leaf teas, and an adorable smorgasbord of appetizers. What more could a lady ask for?! This was, in fact, my first-ever tea party . . . well, if you don’t include the ones I would have as a child with all my stuffed animals and my beloved doll, Lucy ;) I mean I HAVE always drunk tea, but WOW, nothing like the fancy schmancy stuff Leslie had. I guess I’ve been living all wrong with the grocery aisle stuff, because her beverages made my heart sing. Some of the flavors I tried [and loved] included Almond Biscotti and Strawberry Lemonade. So yummy! I didn’t know who you were, Teavana, but I have a feeling you and I are going to get very well acquainted!

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” – Henry James

Thank you, Leslie, for such a wonderful experience – I officially have a new addiction = TEA!

On a side note, has anyone out there tried Arbonne products? I’ve been wearing Mary Kay from head to toe for years, but am really interested in Arbonne’s ingredient policy. Please let me know in the comments below, because I am really considering a switch.

Have a happy Monday!

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