Style Crazed: DMTC

I have been SOOO looking forward to this day.


Hat: Karen Morris Milliner / Glasses: Prada / Pearls: Zhulia / Dress: Spiegel / Clutch: Target / Shoes: DSW

Last year, the horse races were one of the first “couple” outings we had with our [now] dear friends, Matt and Leslie, and have been planning to go to Opening Day with them ever since . . . and honestly, I can’t believe it’s finally here! Between the multiple hours of online “dress” shopping, messages between me and my talented hat designer, and perfecting the entire ensemble, I started to feel as if it was some sort of distant dream, BUT here it is! I mean I’ve only been ready for [oh] a couple months now ;) I don’t know why I always put so much effort into everything thing I do, but I guess that’s just Jenna. I do believe, though, all the hard work was worth it. I am beyond happy with my look for today’s festivities.

“Fashion is only the attempt to realize art in living forms and social intercourse.“ – Francis Bacon

I can’t wait to see everyone at Del Mar in all their hat glory – it’s going to be a blast of fun!

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