Power Yoga Master Class

La Jolla Yoga Center.

That’s where you could have found me and eleven other Peace, Love, & Yoga yogis on Saturday.

We were all attending a Power Yoga Master Class with Bryan Kest.


Now, I honestly didn’t even know whom the heck Bryan Kest was until he entered the room that afternoon.

Then, why did you attend?

Well, a couple weeks ago via Facebook, one of the owners of Peace, Love, and Yoga, Jessica McGimsey, posted how she loved Bryan Kest and asked who was going to join her for this three-hour class? I was seriously intrigued, so I leapt at the chance and am SO glad I did! It was simply amazing . . . it did totally kicked my ass, but was totally worth it. Bryan Kest is so insightful; just filled with such vigor, great humor, and a plethora of good information. For example, how the Centers for Disease Control maintain that 85% of all diseases are caused by our minds, so if we master our emotions, we could master our health. I always joke about how I fight three battles before even reaching my bathroom’s mirror in the morning. I’m mostly joking but am, however, somewhat serious. [I mean I do own a vagina after all.] Anyway, so much of what he had to say really struck a chord in me. I AM a happy, go-lucky gal, but I am NOT always my best friend and I DO let my emotions get the best of me at times. This is something I am REALLY going to work on. I wish you could see all my notes from Saturday. Okay, here are just a few:

– Yoga doesn’t want to change you.

– The root of stress is not being happy with where you are at in life.

– Step out of your own way.

– Competition is pathetic; it’s personal disrespect.

– The harder you use it, the faster you will wear it out.

– Your life is your teacher.

– The true enemy is within you.

– Christian monks created beer [who knew?!].

– The strongest addictions in your life are where your mind dwells.

– Yogis knew that the same stuff going on in the world was going on within us.

See what I mean? I feel like I still have a looong way to go in my happiness project, but the journey will be totally worth it.

“Don’t worry about how far you are going. If you can feel it, it is working. Now breathe.“ – Bryan Kest

Thanks Jess for your Facebook post [and the car ride], all my fellow yogis for a fun afternoon, and to Bryan Kest for making me “wake the fuck up.”

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