MacGyver It!

Man, I have been extinguishing projects left and right around here.

Because when I say I’m going to do something, I do it ;)

And our outside quarters around the house have been on my list ever since we made the move in January!


There are just a LIMITLESS amount of things I want to accomplish in our backyard the next few months: create patio furniture covers, hang outdoor lights, sew new cushion covers, find and restore a bar cart, patch the grass . . . the list goes on and on [in true “Jenna” fashion]. The first thing, however, I knew that had to happen was to rig a way for the dogs NOT to get out of the yard. Yep, the fence is totally not dog proof and makes having the dogs in the yard very unnerving, ESPECIALLY since our little Nella Sue can literally walk underneath the gates without even bending her head down.  [No bueno.] I had to figure out a solution. [“When a problem comes along, you must whip it.”] My idea was to somehow box the dogs into the main part of the yard where all the grass is. SO, after multiple trips to my favorite Home Depot and a few hours sitting on our patio furniture brainstorming, I came up with a plan. [Nothing my jigsaw can’t fix!] I bought white lattice panels, wood stakes, white spray paint, clear zip ties, and totally MacGyvered these little sub-fences. Now our three are blocked in from where they should not go and we have the peace of mind to sit and relax while they play in one area.

“As artists, I think that one of the good qualities we have is that we’re imaginative. We’re resourceful. We like challenges.“ – Meredith Monk

What do you think of my solution?

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