July is here???

The fact it’s already halfway through the year is just CRAZY to me!

AND before you know it, it’s going to be Christmas, y’all.


Anyway, I wanted to take a quick minute today to talk to you about BlogLovin’. With Google Reader officially shutting down today, I want to encourage you to checkout BlogLovin’. If you’re pretty much lost at this point [wondering what the hell Google Reader is], then I guess you probably won’t be that interested. BUT you never know ;) you might need BlogLovin’ and not even know it yet. BlogLovin’ helps you follow the blogs you love by letting you know when they update. You can sign-up either via Facebook or by your email address. This way you won’t have to waste time visiting un-updated blogs. Plus, no more forgetting your favorite blogs’ web-addresses or opening multiple windows in your browser. Simply put, BlogLovin’ is for people who love blogs.

“And I haven’t read a lot blogs but if someone writes about what they care about I’m sure it’s interesting.“ – Uma Thurman

SO, if you’re blog-obsessed or just an avid reader of Lucky Little Mustardseed [thank you!], entertain me by visiting BlogLovin’ today . . . let me know what you think in the comments below!

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