Love Conquers All!

Well, my blog quickly changed topics this morning . . .

I HAD originally planned to write about my progress in the backyard, BUT something more important and historic has happened.

SCOTUS has struck down DOMA!


I am literally grinning ear to ear, folks. Just a few months back, I addressed this very topic about marriage equality and the sadness it caused me to know that two adults who are in love and fully committed to each other could not live in matrimony. Today, however, is a different story. The Defense of Marriage Act is DEAD. Couples in D.C. and 13 of our states [including California since Prop 8 was dismissed as well] will now be allowed federal benefits like tax breaks and insurance. We have made a HUGE step for mankind.

“It’s nice when you wake up and the world is a little less stupid than when you went to bed.“ – Michael Summers

Love is love, people, and today love wins ;)

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