LLM: Six Months!


Saturday was the 6-month mark for Lucky Little Mustardseed.

[Can you believe it!?]

I am SO happy that you are SO happy with the blog that I’ve decided . . .


This week will be the FIRST-EVER Lucky Little Mustardseed Giveaway!!! [Whoo-hoo!] Yep, I’m giving away an author-signed copy of one of my FAVORITE books: Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin. It changed my life and will most likely change yours. Via the widget below, you can start entering TODAY and enter until MIDNIGHT this Friday night/Saturday morning, AND there’s 3 ways for you to enter:

– Like Lucky Little Mustardseed on Facebook.

– Follow me on Twitter.

– Follow Lucky Little Mustardseed on Pinterest.

You get one entry for each way, so feel free to do none, one, or all of them ;) plus, after one of your entries has been completed, a box will appear giving you the option [a unique URL] to share with your friends and family. For each friend or family member that enters the giveaway, you [the referring individual] will receive an additional entry into the giveaway. You can refer up to 10 people. [How great is that!?] SO if you enter each way and have 10 referrals that also enter, you could have a whopping [lucky] 13 entries, a.k.a. increasing your chances significantly to win this happiness-awaking, home-loving novel. And hey, if you already “Like” or follow Lucky Little Mustardseed on your social media, don’t sweat it as you can still enter via the widget by clicking on “I’m a fan” or “I follow on [Enter Social Media Here],” BUT no matter what you have to use the widget below to enter, otherwise, I won’t know how to contact the winner on Monday, June 10th.

“Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.“ – David Frost

It’s hard to believe that I started Lucky Little Mustardseed for my own joy and it’s bringing joy to others as well – thank you for increasing my happy and GOOD LUCK!

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