June Gloom


The Golden State.

An almost flawless statement . . . if you don’t account the constant marine layer that happens this time every year.


[Wow.] I sound like a real Californian – complaining about our near-perfect climate. [Geez Louise, Jenna.] I should be enjoying the final “Powder”-friendly days of spring and stock up on my albino block for the summer months a head, BUT I can’t help myself. The grey weather really messes with me, you know? I can wake up refreshed, raring to go for the day, and then with one quick trip outside with the doggy-dogs, the dreary skies cause me gloom. [No bueno.] Thank goodness I don’t live in the Cornhusker State anymore; writing this reminds me of how down I used to be during the snowy seasons of the Midwest. And I realize there is no real way around it. I mean I can’t control Mother Nature [you, moody bitch]. I guess I will have to dig deep and “just keep swimming” through my day. Although, that’s always easier said than done!

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.“ – Anthony J. D’Angelo

Maybe I need to take a peek at my ole “D.I.J.” ideas notebook and find some “sunny” inspiration ;) here’s to hoping the clouds part today!

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