A Master of Mulling

So I’ve decided something.

Jenna is a mull-er.

As in I love to mull over pretty much everything.


Maybe that’s why I just hung our first of, well, anything in our bedroom . . . and by first, I mean we didn’t have a darn thing hanging in the master. [Nada. Zip.] Yep, and it only took me five months. [Geez!] I mean there are perks to being a mull-er; I’m usually very content once the decision has been made. It’s getting to the decision that’s the hard part. Honestly, I can take the easiest of decisions [like ??? – see I can’t even decide on an example to share] and make it complicated. I guess that’s me! [Enter in half laughing/half crying.] Anyway, me and D found this particular piece of artwork, Brennecke’s Beach XVII, while in Kauai. The artist’s name is Aaron Habermann, and according to the gallery, where we made the purchase, his main job is being a lifeguard. [I can definitely see where he gets his inspiration!] It’s a mixed media on canvas: acrylic, universal tint, volcanic ash, sand, and resin. It arrived about a week or so after our return to the mainland and [surprise, surprise] I’ve been mulling over where to hang it ever since.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.“ – Pablo Picasso

I’m loving its location – now every time I look up from my side of the bed, I have an ocean view ;)

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