Welcome To California

Four years ago . . .

Jenna was naïve, blindly trusted, and was moving to California.


Yep, I was a girl who [thought she] was in love with a boy [rookie mistake] with a heart full of dreams and a car full of clothes, trying to figure it all out.

How did that go, Jenna?

Uh, [as I hear laughter inside my head] well, things are definitely crazy different. I mean I’m still bubbling with ambition, and I might even have a larger wardrobe than I did then ;) however, I’ve grown up. BUT, I’m not talking about my maturity levels [Old Soul, party of one] but of my depths as a woman. My love is seasoned and I have changed. AND I’m feeling pretty nostalgic about it today. My life [now] is not where I thought it would be but is exactly where I want it. Does that make sense? [Cancel that! – Rambler, party of one.] I guess I’m saying I’m happily me!

 “You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha

Please have a safe but FUN Memorial Day – remember what today’s about!

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