Personal Data Entry

Networking – an inevitable part of life, especially for a small business owner.

I exchange information after information with people I meet, and pretty soon, every month like clockwork, I have a huge pile of other people’s business cards . . . causing me to come to the conclusion that this IS one of the main problems in regards to my desk. Who has the time to enter all these contacts into an address book? I know I don’t, or at least, I have a hard time finding the energy to actually complete the task. So, while dreading this business chore, I quickly remembered someone mentioning to me at my former job about a scanning app for these darn little profession socialization tools – enter the Business Card Reader.

Who has the time to enter all these contacts into an address book?

Overall, I was pleased with my $6.99 purchase as I rarely spend money on these sorts of things, and it definitely sped up the entire process. However, there were some difficulties experienced. I had to rescan many of the business cards, particularly if they had any other background color than white. The app would also sometimes clearly take in the picture, but then, poorly record the contact information into my iPhone. I honestly did not have one card completely transfer perfectly, which is a little frustrating, but I’ll get over it ;)

No matter the negatives, though, it did help me simplify one of my office issues, so that can ALWAYS be appreciated.

“One of the challenges in networking is everybody thinks it’s making cold calls to strangers. Actually, it’s the people who already have strong trust relationships with you, who know you’re dedicated, smart, a team player, who can help you.“ – Reid Hoffman

Now can someone please make an app to clean the rest of my desk?!

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