Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Every home should have one full-length mirror.


I mean [of course] each room could use one, but one [especially in the master] is an absolute must; not only for the sure purpose of it, but also to create a sense of more space. My mother, for example, had my father install a full-length mirror door at the end of our long hallway in the house I grew up in. It added so much depth to the narrow space. Plus, it was handy as it was the only entry to all of our bedroom doors. You could get ready, step outside your room, and VOILA! see your complete ensemble from head to toe! I also had a full-length mirror in college, but it met an untimely death when my [unnamed] roommate got drunk and tried to walk through it [I only wish I was kidding]. Anyway . . .

I adore full-length mirrors.

The only problem is, well, WAS our place did not come with even one. Yep, [no bueno] it’s no wonder as to why it made its way onto our tiny “possible house accessories” list ;) the only real shocker is I found ours on CB2 [okay – not really, and yes, I might have a problem]. So, we purchased it – not only for its functionality and beautifully white washed over grey lacquer border [simply love] but also to deal with the unusually angled wall in our master bedroom. Looks nice, right?! I’m pretty stoked with it in the space. It also adds a certain entertainment value with the dogs. They don’t quite know what to think about their reflections [HA!].

“I want to own something that really reflects me as a person. Something like a mirror.“ – Jarod Kintz

That’s one less bare wall in the house – now onto some art for our bedroom!

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