A Lips-tyled Celebration

I love birthdays – always have and [hopefully] always will.

The only better thing than commemorating your own day is celebrating someone else’s you love and adore.

My gal pal, Kim, turned 28 over the weekend.


So me, along with Kim and some of her/our friends, honored her big day with a world famous Sunday “gospel” brunch at Lips San Diego: the ultimate in Drag Dining and San Diego’s premier party place. The entire time was a blasty-blast. See, I had acknowledged my own 25th birthday [cough] a few years prior and had such a good time, I knew this was THE location for her special day. The brunch was good, the unlimited mimosas were perfect, and the entertainment was hilariously awesome. Kim’s the kind of person every lady wants in her life: funny, hardworking, sarcastic, trustworthy, painless to hangout with . . . the friend you call to help you hide a body ;) what can I say? Kim = the best. I made her this Moscow Mule kit as a gift [yes, I’m that cool], and she, well, loved it [goal accomplished]! It was a lovely morning for my extraordinary confidant.

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” – Oprah Winfrey

I hope you enjoyed your glitzy breakfast as much as we did, friend . . . YOU DESERVED IT!

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