The Egg

Nella Sue.

Our mini doxie.

Our little wiener.

Our tiny handful.

I admire her for her vocality, love her for her cuddly-cuteness, and commend her for her stubborn ways.

As long as I can remember, I wanted her – a Dachshund to call my own. And Nella’s everything I thought she would be. She’s full of PERSONALITY. I admire her for her vocality, love her for her cuddly-cuteness, and commend her for her stubborn ways. [I mean she is a lady after all.] When D and I became me and D, we quickly found out the mixing of the dogs and their personalities would be quite the endeavor. I mean I figured there would be some adjusting, but man, the two females just did not get along . . . AND still don’t get along. [Sigh.] When we were in the condo, Hazel really tried to develop a relationship between her and Nella, but Nella wouldn’t have it [see what I’m saying about stubborn?]. Nella was being down right bitchy. The friendship option disappeared as soon as we moved into the house. For whatever reason, Hazel decided it was finally time to set the pack order [only took her a year]. She became top dog, Killer joined her as sidekick, and Nella, well, became lowest on the totem pole. Things were conclusively settled. At first, I felt Nella brought it upon herself, but I’m starting to feel bad for my Vienna sausage. She seems so alone and sad. It’s almost as if Killer has broken up with her and they were puppies together. The situation became too much once we discovered that of our two very large dog beds were being inhabited only by Hazel and Killer. Each one of them was literally taking one entire bed while Nella was left with nothing. So after some discussion, we decided I would try to find something for Nella.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras

Thanks to FAB, I discovered and got a great deal on a pEi Pod for her. I didn’t even know these things existed, but my design-loving self quickly fell in love. They are these awesome egg-shaped sanctuaries that are both pet and interior design friendly. Oh, and they’re complete with an adorable polka dotted cushion. [I chose yellow, of course.] Now, Nella has a place to call her own. She honestly didn’t know what to think about it at first, but after a few times of being wrapped up like a baby and tucked inside, she’s learned to love it ;) and the best part is the other two are either too tall or too husky to get inside.

Hopefully someday, Nella will accept the game of life and learn how to play some politics . . . but that’s also like wishing unicorns were real.

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