The Answer Is Clear

I love Interior Design.

My iPad might honestly be subscribed to possibly every home magazine there is.

Seriously. It’s an addiction.

It was the perfect piece for our lovely home.

Take our new place for example. As soon as we moved in January and all our stuff became situated, D and I started taking note of possible additions to make our house a home. I was over the moon with ideas, and giddiness, of course ;) however, we couldn’t do everything on our list, especially at once [“baby steps to the bus”]. Nevertheless, there was one thing we knew we definitely needed, which was some sort of console to go underneath the “Beyond Paradise” print. The issue, though, was I also did not want anything to block the view of the driftwood sculpture from our front entry door [see the sculpture stands right beside the print].  So . . . I knew what I wanted but not really. GREAT. [Welcome to the brain of me.] Well, after a few months of Google searches, magazine browsing, and second-hand store shopping, I found our solution. My beloved CB2 has an entire line of furniture made out of Plexiglass. [Simply awesome.] The pieces are completely transparent and honestly work in any room without taking up permanent visual residency. Plus, they are very mod [doing my happy dance]. It was the perfect piece for our lovely home.

“I’m drawn to furniture design as complete architecture on a minor scale.” – Brad Pitt

Now if only I could figure out what to do with that dang lamp cord – any ideas?

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