Royals Home Opener

“Take me out to the ball game!”

D and I took a direct flight to his town of Kansas City this past Sunday for the Royals Home Opener – a game he never misses.


Besides for the game, I was extra excited as my brother, Evan, was also driving down from Nebraska to go to the game with us AND meet D for the very first time. [WOWZA!] I hadn’t seen Evan in over a year. It was time to see my brother, and man, we had such a great time! Sunday was drinks at The Cashew, dinner at La Bodega, and more drinks at The Drum Room.  Monday, everyone slept in [Sunday’s drinks], then, there was a tailgate [thanks Chris and Felicia], a baseball game, hot dogs [‘MERICA!], drinks at Harry’s Country Club; ending the night with a steak dinner at 801 Chophouse [not too shabby]. Suddenly, it was Tuesday, and it was time to end the fun . . .

“Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.” – Ernest Hemingway

A short visit but definitely worth it :) D and Evan totally hit it off [me so happy]!

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