Disorderly Consent




I felt a clean freak break was necessary.

Well, just for the last few days. See, D went out of town this weekend and I gave myself the crazy permission to throw my O.C.D. tendencies out the window. I felt a clean freak break was necessary, so I could work, work, work on my current client gig for Homebird Upholstery. All I had to do was worry about my deadline, the dogs, and myself, so I thought is was all right. It felt . . . GOOD . . . and weird . . . and strangely like I was breaking the law [I wish I was kidding]. No matter how the experience affected me, however, I did acknowledge it as okay and as an essential step in order to achieve my desired progress. That’s growth, people ;)

“The beginnings and endings of all human undertakings are untidy.” – John Galsworthy

Now, does anyone want to come over and help me clean things up before D gets home?

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