The February Challenge

Well, February sure came out of nowhere.

Can you believe D and I have already been in our new place a month?

In reality, the time went by in a snap [surprise, surprise], while at the same time, since the house already feels so much like a home, it oddly seems we’ve lived here longer [weird]. I don’t know maybe it’s because our move was organized, or because I don’t sit still well, OR because we’re so insanely happy ;) either way, I’ve been so overjoyed with The January Cure [thanks again, Apartment Therapy] that I decided to keep the energy flowing with my very own February challenge:

– Practice your ukulele for 30 minutes/day.

– Reupholster three chairs.

– Buy supplies for a king-size headboard.

– Prepare all of your tax documentation.

– Create a cookbook full of your commonly used recipes.

– Take new professional headshots.

– Shop around for a carpenter to build our bookworm bookshelf.

– Read one classic novel.

– Open business bank accounts for Homebird Upholstery.

– Spray paint music stand.

I decided to keep the energy flowing with my very own February challenge.

Between my New Year’s agenda ( and my long list of home projects (, I’ve made my hands pretty full and realize I’m solely making them fuller with the list above; but staying focused is key, because I want to keep checking items off as complete and the only way I believe I can achieve as successful a month as last month’s the entire year is by being very clear about what I want to achieve.

Now if you excuse me, I have a progress chart to create AND yes, I’m that big of a dork ;)

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