Treatment For The Sane

I don’t really need The January Cure.

I have a wonderful man, three awesome dogs, and a brand new place to live. The “post-holiday blues” aren’t knocking on this door, but, whether I needed it or not, I feel exhilarated about this month-long program.

I’m go’n keep on truck’n!

Day 3: Weekend Chores – Flowers, Floors, Green Cleaners, & Outbox (—day-3-181662)

I totally bent this assignment. In theory, I completed all the tasks, but each one was morphed into my own liking. [Rule breaker, that’s me!] According to my new normal, Tuesday is my “to-do” day, so I didn’t buy flowers . . . until yesterday when I was running my umpteen errands. I also didn’t clean the floors but I did meet with Naked Clean on Friday to set-up the cleaning schedule for our new home. [Word to the wise: some things ARE worth paying for]. There was no need to stock up on green cleaners either, because, well, I own almost all of them. I was, however, out of Method’s All-Purpose Surface Cleaner [I love the cucumber one], so I replenished it. Likewise, I don’t do well with messes, so I definitely failed at the whole “Outbox” theory, as I already dropped off the “pending” items yesterday to Goodwill. [Whoops!] I guess the important part is I did something for each chore [or at least, that’s what I’m telling myself].

In theory, I completed all the tasks, but each one was morphed into my own liking.

Day 4: Get a Fresh Perspective in Just 10 Minutes (—day-4-181663)

I literally could have down this activity in every room of our new home. I have so many ideas for each space but decided to go with our spare bedroom, as it was the suffering room in our old condo. Plus, there’s plethora random stuff in there right now [where the hell do I put this thingymabob?]. My end goal is to make the area more inviting to our guests; a home away from home.

Day 5: Select One Project from Your List to Complete this Month (—day-5-181810)

Well, this was an easy selection. A couple months ago, I bought these pig bookends from CB2 ( They’re gold in color and I’m not particularly fond of gold. For whatever reason, I think it makes things look cheap. I knew when I made the purchase, they were going to need the “Jenna” touch, so yesterday, I picked up some spray paint. I’m going to try to work on them this week.

Day 6: Choose a Piece of Art to Frame (—day-6-181831)

I definitely have a piece of art to frame. When we found out our rental application was approved, I went extreme with the Internet version of window-shopping. I behaved myself for the most part, but there was one thing I couldn’t just pin on Pinterest. On Urban Outfitters’ website, I found a Bianca Green For Society6 “You Make Me Home” Art Print ( and fell in love. It wasn’t an expensive piece of art nor a collector’s piece but it spoke to me: D went to the Merchant Marine Academy, we both love the ocean, and this is the place where we’re dropping our anchor for the time being. It was the perfect addition to our home, so I bought it. Now, framing can be very expensive, so I did a couple searches this morning and lucked out. Aaron Brothers is having a special right now ( – 50% off their custom framing. [WINNING!] I’m going to stick to my new normal, though, and not waste time for one task. I’ll put a tack in it until the next time I’m out and about.

Apartment Therapy is bringing a little unexpected joy and I like it!

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