Moscow Mules

A cup of fresh – that’s the only way I can describe our favorite drink.

While in Kansas City this past fall for the Chiefs home opener, D and I went exploring his home turf. Long story short: we found a bar, saw these copper mugs, asked the bartender what their purpose was, and ended up trying a drink we had never had before. I guess this cocktail was popular during the U.S.’s vodka craze, and apparently, the name refers to the popular perception of vodka as a Russian product.

[Let’s give one big “hell yeah” for a classic comeback!]

You can thank me later ;) they’re called Moscow Mules.

A cup of fresh – the only way I can describe our favorite drink.


1/2 cup ice

1/2 cup club soda

3 tablespoons Russian Standard Vodka (

1 tablespoon Morris Kitchen Ginger Syrup (

1 lime wedge

Directions: Fill a copper mug with ice. [The copper mug is VERY important; affects the taste.] Pour in club soda, vodka, and ginger syrup. Squeeze lime wedge over the concoction. Stir and enjoy.

Happy Friday and bottoms up!

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