Antidote Update

I’m sticking with it – aren’t you proud?

Here’s my progress on The January Cure.

Day 6: Choose a Piece of Art to Frame (—day-6-181831)

As you know, I broke down and went against my schedule last week ( No, not the best thing, but I did get to run out on Thursday and have my piece of artwork framed, so that’s done. According to Aaron Brothers, it will be completed by next week. I’m very anxious to see how it turns out. I’ll definitely post a picture.

Day 7: Get Your Get-Together Together – Date, Guests, Invites (

Not only did I get my get-together together, but I also booked a “Ladies Night In” with some of my gal pals on the 30th. Pizza, Moscow Mules, and no boys = perfection. [Insert Alicia Key’s voice here]. “This girl is on fire!”

Day 8: Weekend Chores – Flowers, Kitchen Cleaning, & Make Yourself a Meal (

I once again didn’t buy my flowers until yesterday, because I’m trying very hard to keep all my errands on my “to-do” day Tuesday. This week I went for sunflowers. I don’t why but sunflowers and daisies seem like such happy flowers. Am I right or am I right?! Anyway, I did accomplish some kitchen cleaning. I tackled the pantry, but’s that’s about it. Sorry, Apartment Therapy. [I’m trying to be good girl. I really am.] The great news is I cooked all week in our kitchen. We actually only ate out once, which really applies more to our New Year goal, but hey, a win’s a win.

Day 9: Create a Landing Strip (

On this one, I didn’t really make a landing strip for myself but I did for D. I know I need one but it was just sort of happenstance for his. While at the Crate and Barrel Outlet yesterday, I found this orange/silver bowl MAJORLY on-sale. I honestly didn’t know what I was going to do with it [which isn’t always the wisest purchase] but I knew it was unique, I loved it, and that was all that really mattered [or at least, that’s what I told myself in the checkout line]. Once I got home, though, it dawned on me that this was the perfect bowl for D’s keys, wallet, and watch. The best part is he loves it. I guess it wasn’t such a silly purchase after all ;)

I guess it wasn't such a silly purchase after all ;)

Day 10: Work on Your Goal Project (—day-10-181835)

I’m tackling yesterday’s task today. I’m going to spray paint me some pig bookends, and well, work on organizing my work studio. Plus, today’s assignment, I believe, will help me with my time management.

Day 11: Try a Media Fast (—try-a-media-fast-apartment-therapy-january-cure-181836)

Are you CrAzY!?!?!? A media fast . . . shit, I’m already failing. Okay, better go!

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