When Me Met D

Life’s funny.

For example, think about how many people you meet in a lifetime? A few come and go, a couple stay for a bit, hell, some only make a quick blip on your radar, while others, well, become an integral part of your story.

Last year, a local theatre company hired me as the event coordinator for their first-ever New Year’s Eve party, a Vintage Prom. I was pretty excited. Finally, the creative opportunity I had been waiting for had presented itself. The party turned out pretty great [if I do say so myself] and attendance was good considering it was a new event. I wore this 80s-tastic dress complete with black fishnets, glittery pumps, pearls-galore, hooker hoops [yes, I said hooker hoops], and a Joan Jett wig.

80s-tastic Jenna

(Photo by KP Imagery by Design)

[Don’t you want to get with this?]

Now, I always believe everything happens for a reason. I thought I was given this chance to prove myself, not saying I didn’t [HUZZAH!], but fate had a different idea.

Somewhere around midnight, I had decided to take a quick breather [my feet were killing me] and what better place to take a break than behind a bar ;) I had been back there . . . oh, I don’t know, maybe 5, 10 minutes, when the bartender for the night said I should meet her friend.

“Sometimes the things you want the most don’t happen and what you least expect happens. I don’t know – you meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you. And then you meet one person and your life is changed forever.”
– Love & Other Drugs, 2010

I turned around and standing on the other side of the bar was my future person.

“Jenna – D, D – Jenna.”



We shook hands. He smiled. I smiled.

One can never predict the impact of a happenstance encounter. 2012 brought a new person into my life, and in an instance, my life had been altered and I didn’t even know it.

Isn’t life funny?

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