Pass The Cheese, Please.

I took a leap of crazy.

A couple weeks ago, I decided to give my two-weeks notice and pursue my artistic side on a more full-time level.

Yep, sayonara, part-time theatre job!

Yep, sayonara, part-time theatre job!

And as corny as it sounds, I feel like today is the first day of the rest of my life. My schedule is in my own hands now [YIKES!] and it’s scarily exhilarating. I kind of don’t know where to begin . . . I do recognize, though, that I need structure.

“If I consider my life honestly, I see that it is governed by a certain very small number of patterns of events which I take part in over and over again. Being in bed, having a shower, having breakfast in the kitchen, sitting in my study writing, walking in the garden, cooking and eating our common lunch at my office with my friends, going to the movies, taking my family to eat at a restaurant, going to bed again. There are a few more. There are surprisingly few of these patterns of events in any one person’s way of life, perhaps no more than a dozen. Look at your own life and you will find the same. It is shocking at first, to see that there are so few patterns of events open to me. Not that I want more of them. But when I see how very few of them there are, I begin to understand what huge effect these few patterns have on my life, on my capacity to live. If these few patterns are good for me, I can live well. If they are bad for me, I can’t.” — Christopher Alexander

So, what to do?! Well, I sat down today and started drafting my new weekly schedule. It’s nowhere near complete, but it’s a start. There’s still a lot to consider and the next three weeks are not going to be anywhere close to my improved normal.

There’s preparing for the move.

There’s Christmas.

There’s New Year’s.

AND there’s the actual move itself – just too much to expect myself to stick to any sort of routine, at least, for the moment. I’m going to give myself ONE WEEK after the move to get the house up to speed; and after that, I’m going to throw myself into my work and see where it takes me.

Well, better get back to work, y’all!

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  1. Bekka says:

    So excited for you Jenna!! Keep us posted on how the transition goes!

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