2013 To-Do

Geez Louise!

In two-days time, we will be living in our new place.


The movers are here and all our crap is being loaded into boxes. I can hardly believe it . . . first off, how the hell do we have so much stuff, and secondly, where did the time go? The whole month [cancel that] the entire year flew by!!!




2012 was definitely interesting – offering its own unique blend of difficulty, change, and personal growth. I’m not complaining, though. I’m all-smiles about it. The year ended wonderfully. I am more than happy with where I currently stand [even if it is in a fort of boxes] and am very much looking forward to the experiences of “Lucky 13.” I’m not, however, going to leave everything to chance. [No siree, Bob.]

I’ve actually been mulling over a “getter done” list for the next year.

(Photo by Neka Rae Photography)

I’ve actually been mulling over a “getter done” list for the next year:

– Learn some Español.

– Practice your scales and arpeggios.

– Read the classics.

– Create a new Homebird Upholstery website.

– Become well-versed in pie baking.

– Start auditioning again.

Now, there are [of course] several things I hope to see happen in the following year, but as someone who no longer makes resolutions, the above are merely my personal to-do’s and they honestly seem pretty, uh, doable.

[I guess time will tell.]

Well, people, no matter where your New Year’s Eve, resolution, dream, goal [yada, yada, yada] takes you, I hope 2013 brings you happiness and just enough personal challenges to keep you in check. Trust me ;) it does a lady good.

I better go . . . I think one of movers might have packed a dog!

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