• Style Crazed: FWSD14 – Night 5

    This is the last of my Fashion Week San Diego 2014 breakdowns. Please don’t be too devastated ;)

    Style Crazed: FWSD14 - Night 5

    Glasses: Andrews Optical / Pearls: Zhulia / Top: Vintage / Handbad: Kate Spade New York / Pants: Victoria’s Secret / Pumps: Rebecca Minkoff via Saks Off 5th

    For the Finale Runway Night, my style inspiration was the lady of ladies herself = Coco Chanel. Why? Well, for one, she was always flawless in her fashion. And two, Night 5 was all about gowns, jewels, the avant-garde,and couture ― everything Coco embodied! Thus, I reached in my closet for this vintage piece my friend gave me years ago [it's an oldie but a goodie] paired it with winter white, tuxedo pants, and called in a favor for some “loaner” pearls from my gal pal, Zhulia. The rest was easy! I played off the top’s glitzy tones, coordinating its brown hues with my frames and its yellow shine with my handbag. I completely lucked out with my shoes! They were already in my closet and just happened to match it exactly! As a result, my entire ensemble harmonized with the theme effortlessly and THAT made this #stylecrazed blogger VERY happy. On a different high note, let’s talk about the catwalk! I really believe a woman can never have too many sheath dresses, ESPECIALLY when they are by Salwa Owens. I love how the embroidery has a resemblance to the current Altuzarra line at Target and yet has an overall feel that is completely its own in placement and design.


    (Photography by aDallo Photography)

    The whimsical/fabulous dress you see below made my eyes go WOWZER! Dulce Alexandra = you are perfection. This might just need to be my OMA Museum Ball dress next year!


    (Photography by aDallo Photography)

    I’m not usually one for pant suits, but this patterned number by BJASHI drove me wild! PLUS, the accessories were fun too.


    (Photography by aDallo Photography)

    I have long admired Jessica Faulkner‘s work but have yet to make a purchase. That’s about to change! I must have this two-piece short ensemble! It’s unique, short, and feminine. If only it came with the umbrella too :)


    (Photography by aDallo Photography)

    “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” ― Coco Chanel

    I still cannot believe FWSD 2014 is over! I had an absolute blast and look forward to attending this entire shindig again next year. Now, back to your regularly scheduled blog postings . . .

  • Style Crazed: FWSD14 – Night 4

    Every once in a while, a lady needs to stretch her own personal style and step outside of her comfort zone ;) and that’s EXACTLY what this Lucky Little Mustardseed did for the Gentlemen & Ladies Runway Show on Night 4 of Fashion Week San Diego!

    Style Crazed: FWSD14 - Night 4

    Glasses: Dolce & Gabbana / Necklace: Zhulia Fine Pearl Jewelry / Jumpsuit: REVOLVE

    Clutch: Kate Spade New York / Pumps: Victoria’s Secret

    I’m honestly not sure what motivated me to purchase this number . . . maybe it was my inner Sasha Fierce? Lol. I do know, however, that when I saw it, I simply could not control my love for it! So, I EMBRACED it’s iridescent green and wore my matching glasses and strapy pumps. I then accessorized it with a beautiful Tahitian pearl and an Asian-inspired clutch. What do YOU think about my fashion risk? I definitely took a chance with this one AND sometimes it pays off – just like my absolute favorite FWSD designer = Danh Ta. His 19-piece collection on Friday night’s catwalk was jaw-dropping WOW! I seriously wanted one of everything.


    (Photography by aDallo Photography)

    It was also a fashionable T.G.I.F on the runway with celebrity model, Danylle Wolf. She is a Champion U.S. Women’s Boxer and future Olympian. She completely rocked the designs of American Prep Clothing Company, Danh Ta, and J.L. Rocha. I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe there is anything better than seeing a strong woman strut her stuff!


    (Photography by aDallo Photography)

    As I stated on Tuesday, I usually don’t go for long dresses. Nevertheless, I loved this look! The model was working double time, showcasing this royal blue beauty by Oseas Villatoro and jewelry by Senhoa :) D spoiled me btw on Sunday with one of their necklaces. Stay tuned for it in a future #stylecrazed post!


    (Photography by CF Photography Studios)

    This last picture goes to show you how sexy a woman can make a man’s shirt! Dang. You’re one hot mama!


    (Photography by aDallo Photography)

    “The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence.” – Beyonce

    There’s still one more FWSD post for 2014. Stay tuned!

  • Style Crazed: FWSD14 – Night 3

    Here in SoCal, the beach is always open :) SO, it’s no wonder why Night 3 of this year’s Fashion Week San Diego was dedicated solely to California lifestyle we know and love = contemporary resort and swimwear!

    Style Crazed: FWSD14 - Night 3
    Glasses: Dolce & Gabbana / Necklace: Stella & Dot / Dress: Anthropologie

    Handbag: Kate Spade New York / Pumps: Nine West via DSW

    Now that I think about it, I guess I could have gotten away with a bikini that night ;) BUT since they are pretty unforgiving and not my favorite thing to wear [am I right or am I right, ladies?] I opted for my brightly-hued, babydoll-styled dress and paired it with my newly acquired, Stella & Dot necklace. From there, I played off the necklace’s many colorful gemstones; matching my eyeglasses to its orange and my pumps to its navy. I threw in the luggage-esque handbag for an added “fun” flair [something I always encourage] AND speaking of fun, how about this number by NOIA?! I just love how it’s sexy and yet functional!


    (Photography by aDallo Photography)

    This cover-up by RHCreation also left me beaming with it’s merry hoodie detail and how it flowed as the model walked the runway.


    (Photography by aDallo Photography)

    I adored the simplicity of this Dos Caras Swimwear top and its beautiful pop of blue.


    (Photography by aDallo Photography)

    No resort catwalk would be complete without some summer bright white! I applaud I-AM-ZOE for mixing a classic gingham pattern with an unusual dress cut. This is on my “want” list.


    (Photography by aDallo Photography)

    “To me, style is all about expressing your individuality freely and courageously.” – Timothy John

    Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed how refreshing these skimpy lines were. It’s not easy designing beachwear – especially since we are ALL spaced so differently! Everyone did a phenomenal job.

  • Style Crazed: FWSD14 – Night 2

    Welcome back! I hope you are enjoying my night-by-night outfit breakdowns and favorite choices from Fashion Week San Diego 2014. Night 2 was the Woven Together Runway Show.

    Style Crazed: FWSD 14 - Night 2

    Glasses: Chanel / “Me & D” Necklace: Stella & Dot / Shirt: Burberry / Skirt: Alexandra Grecco

    Handbag: Kate Spade New York / Pumps: Kelsi Dagger via DSW

     When prepping for this night’s look, I knew I wanted to incorporate the most iconic pattern in fashion. Yes, I AM talking about Mr. Thomas Burberry himself. I did so with a stretch cotton shirt in the new classic check and followed it with a more feminine touch by introducing a black tulle skirt; giving the overall ensemble an old school, “housewife” feel. It was also imperative to me to highlight my shirt’s red hues. I mean who doesn’t love a good rich red every now and again!? This was accomplished by coordinating my eyeglass frames, Typewriter handbag, and suede pumps. The new “Me & D” necklace was added at the last second, because, well, I’m just always looking for a reason to wear it ;) lol. Alright, let’s talk fashions from Night 2’s runway:


    (Photography by aDallo Photography)

    In my opinion, Lady Lane was the Belle of the Ball at Wednesday night’s show. Her designs were soft with right amount of color and had lines that kept you guessing with an overall ladylike effect. She also designed this one of a kind number for FWSD’s founder and director, Allison Andrews. How adorable is that dog print?!


    (Photography by aDallo Photography)

    Wednesday night was also extra special because it was FWSD’s 2nd Annual Haute Dog Runway Show featuring adoptable dogs from the Rancho Coastal Humane Society. Honestly, this crazy pup lady had a real difficult time not bringing home one of those faces. I’m sure Hazel, Killer, and Nella wouldn’t mind, right? I’m not sure about D though . . .


    (Photography by aDallo Photography)

    The other number that got my heart racing was designed by CWCouture. I’m not usually one for long dresses but my inner Parrothead was sure reeling over this one!


    (Photography by aDallo Photography)

    “I dress for the image. Not for myself, not for the public, not for fashion, not for men.” – Marlene Dietrich

    If these clothes struck your fancy at all, WAIT until you see the others from the rest of the week! It only goes up from here :) CHOW!

  • Style Crazed: FWSD14 – Night 1

    As you know via my Instagram feed, last week was Fashion Week here in San Diego :) SO, I thought it might be fun for the next five days to breakdown my looks and share with you my choices from the runway each night, starting with Night 1 = The Art & Beauty Behind Fashion!

    Style Crazed: FWSD14 - Night 1

    Glasses: Miu Miu / Dress: Ranna Gill via Anthropologie / Bangles: Hermes

    Clutch: Kate Spade New York / Pumps: Kelsi Dagger via DSW

    This was my first time at the actual Fashion Week San Diego. Yes, I’ve been to MANY of their events before [as you're well aware of] but had never had the pleasure of attending the official full week of runway shows. As a result, I was VERY eager . . . like a child counting down the days until Christmas morn! I was also a little anxious. I mean I didn’t really know what to expect. The good news, however, is I am extremely comfortable in my own skin and know how to stick to my personal style while dressing for the unknown. PLUS, with a title like “The Art & Beauty Behind Fashion,” I knew the sky was pretty much the limit. Therefore, I opted for this Ranna Gill number that has been patiently waiting in my closet since [GULP] last November. I then played off of its beautiful details for my accessories. I matched both my lipstick and pumps to its dark maroon stitching and paired a clutch and bangles with the same coral tones, thus allowing my ensemble to come full circle. The frames were a last minute decision ;) causing me to wear a different pair of glasses each night of FWSD 2014. Yea, I have that many pairs . . . OKAY, now onto some of my favorite “do’s” of the night!


    (Photography by CF Photography Studios)

    When you think about an event like Fashion Week, your brain usually goes straight to designer clothing. Right?! And, although that usually IS the case, forward-thinking fashions weren’t the only things coming down the catwalk. Nope! For the first time ever, FWSD teamed up with the Bellus Academy to make hair, makeup, and nails the focal point of Night 1.


    (Photography by CF Photography Studios)

    They literally transformed the models into living pieces of art ― featuring Spring/Summer trends of 2015 in hairstyling, makeup and nail artistry.


    (Photography by CF Photography Studios)

    OH! And did you know that Bellus Academy is the “Harvard” of beauty schools? I didn’t either, BUT how cool is that!? They even have four campuses located right here in San Diego.


     (Photography by CF Photography Studios)

    To me, beauty and makeup and color is like the finishing touch on everything.” ― Marc Jacobs

    Partnering with the Bellus Academy [in my opinion] was a brilliant way to kick off this week of fabulous fashion-fun :D if only I could get my hair to do that! Lol. See you tomorrow for more about FWSD 2014!