• Style Crazed: On A $75.00 Budget

    This past Saturday, I had the extreme honor of being one Fashion Week San Diego’s “Blogger Babes” for the Grossmont Center’s Style Soiree  an event where three San Diego bloggers were given the challenge to create a head-to-toe “fall” look on a $75.00 budget.

    Style Crazed: Contemporary Chic

    Glasses: Dior / Jacket, Top, Pants, Flats, & Accessories: Styles For Less / Wedding Ring: My Husband

    For my look, I was assigned Styles For Less, a chain store with over 160 locations that strives to make fashion effortless for the savvy shopper, which is definite PLUS when you’re shopping on a budget ;) due to the current “fashion” trends, however, this Lucky Little Mustardseed had somewhat of a difficult time finding an outfit that was truly her . . . but with some patience and little bit of creativity, I was still able to pull together an ensemble that reflected the style you have grown to love.

    Style Crazed: Contemporary Chic-6

    (Erika De La Cruz, Vanessa Balli, Yours Truly, & Maria Von Losch – Photo by Six Fifty Six Photography)

    During the event, FWSD Brand Ambassador, Erika De La Cruz, asked each one of the participating bloggers to answer questions regarding her look, the $75.00 budget itself, and any other personal fashion tips she was willing to share. I focused on dressing for the real you, how to stay modern yet classy, all the while rocking the color of the year, Marsala, which is the hue of the pants I was wearing.

    Style Crazed: Contemporary Chic-7

    (Photo by Six Fifty Six Photography)

    Shortly after the bloggers’ portion wrapped, the stage quickly became a runway show and the models of FWSD strutted down the catwalk in the latest trends from the stores of the Grossmont Center. They showcased both looks for men and women this fall and almost made you forget about the day’s extremely hot temperatures. This was a personal favorite of mine. I mean check out that bold, beautiful print! Not to mention, that lovely mustardseed color.

    Style Crazed: Contemporary Chic-8

    (Photo by Six Fifty Six Photography)

    “When you’re dressing on a budget, simplicity is key.” Ne-Yo

    All-in-all, I believe we had a marvelous turnout despite the heat and am so thankful to Allison Andrews, Fashion Week San Diego, and the Grossmont Center in La Mesa for inviting me to be a part of this fashionable event = you definitely challenged this #stylecrazed gal in the shopping department and I’m better for it. Thanks again!

  • Sore To The Core

    “Hi, my name is Jenna Pilant and I’ve been thin for pretty much my entire life.”

    For the past thirty years, I have quietly stood by while being told that I should eat something, that I look anorexic, that I shouldn’t work out . . . so today, I finally decided to write about something that weighs very heavy on my heart = being a thin woman in today’s society.

    I only WISH I was kidding.

    To put it another way, it suddenly seems cool to hate on the “skinny” girls. Well, I am here to tell you that enough is enough and it’s honestly not very becoming. I was born this way, folks, and that’s true for a good portion of us. I mean I understand people’s concerns about eating disorders, but I’m naturally built this way. In fact, I think it’s called genetics? ;) I wore boy’s jeans as a child and couldn’t even bench-press the bar in my high school gym class. I’m practically all limbs and feel like a frog with pants on most days. I think it is so rad how the world has embraced the curvy chick, but somewhere along the way, the message became blurred and the backlash of the slim gal was born. What most women need to remember, and for whatever reason soon forget, is that each of us is battling our own insecurities daily AND that no female in this whole-wide world will ever be 100% happy with her body. Take me for example. I don’t WANT to be a string bean. Hell, I want to be Beyoncé! But it’s important to realize that instead of wishing we were some else, we should instead celebrate our individual uniqueness, our various body types, and try to be the best version of our self possible.

    That’s why the past couple of years I have been doing everything in my power to become stronger – both physically and mentally.

    Now, I’ll be the first one to admit that the latter is definitely the easier task of the two :/ not only because I am a “string bean” but also because I struggle to put on [and keep] muscle mass. And for that very same reason, I started yoga a little under three years ago and it’s immensely paid off. I’m the strongest I have ever been with extraordinary amounts of energy and an almost-sickening, cheery demeanor. With that being said, however, I was still not seeing the results I was needing for my abs. I say “need” verses “want” as my core has been the main roadblock between me and my yoga fitness goals. Enter: @alexajeanfitness [man, I love Instagram] shortly after my thirtieth birthday, I made a personal goal to dedicate 2015 to solidifying my stomach muscles. BUT, even with all those crunches, nothing seemed to be changing and that’s when I found Alexa Jean and quickly developed a girl crush. Not only does she brilliantly find ways to workout with no gym, she is a strong woman [inside and out] giving both great ideological inspiration and home workout routines via her Instagram account.  Henceworth, if she can have those kind of abs, then why shouldn’t I?!

    Sore To The Core: Before & After

    Thus, I have just finished Alexa Jean Fitness’s “Sore To The Core” 30-Day Ab Challenge. It was only $10.00 online and honestly doesn’t take much time. She gives you a circuit of different ab exercises each day that you complete three times each with one-minute “rest” intervals in between. PLUS,  you only do said workouts on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday with Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday as rest days. SO, all things considered, how can one ab-hungry gal not fit in this ab series?! I was easily able to introduce it into my already jam-packed schedule, AND as you can see by my “before and after,” I have seen significant improvement on both the sides of my stomach and my lower abdominal region. Yes, there’s not a whole lot of definition yet, but like I said before, I have a hard time personally retaining muscle. I know more definition will appear with time and the continuation of this “Sore To The Core” routine. But for now, I’m simply elated to be stronger and cannot wait to see how this affects my yoga practice. Hopefully, this “Olive Oyl” will start being able to do some of those inversions she’s so been wanting to try!

    “What people don’t understand is that calling someone too skinny is the same as calling someone too fat; it’s not a nice feeling.” Kendall Jenner

    SO [in closing] let’s try to remember that every woman’s body is beautiful, and that while we are living this amazing adventure called life, to be kinder and more supportive of one another. We don’t need to be in competition all the time nor size each other up from head-to-toe. Us, ladies, are ALL gorgeous in our own right. And like Beyonce says, “Who run the world?” GIRLS!

  • FWSD: Grossmont Center Style Soiree

    A few months ago, Fashion Week San Diego approached me about being one of their fashion bloggers for an upcoming event with the Grossmont Center a “Style Soiree” runway show where three San Diego bloggers would create an entire look on a $75 budget from one of the center’s participating boutiques. I [of course] was honored to be presented with such an opportunity and quickly accepted the challenge. PLUS, I was going to be in pretty good company = Vanessa Balli from Outfit of The Day and Maria Von Losch the Savvynista :) two fellow #girlbosses I both admire and highly adore!

    FWSD: Grossmont Center Style Soiree-1

    (Photography by Thomas Avila)

    THUS, in preparation for said event, the three of us met up a few weeks ago at the Grossmont Center to do a little shopping! Twist my arm, right?!

    FWSD: Grossmont Center Style Soiree-2

    (Photography by Thomas Avila)

    We had an absolute blast exploring all the offerings of the Grossmont Center AND located each one of our individually-assigned stores. For the event, Vanessa will be pulling from the racks of Target, Maria will be pursuing the various departments at Macy’s, while I [on the other hand] will be finding MY look from Styles For Less.

    FWSD: Grossmont Center Style Soiree-3

    (Photography by Thomas Avila)

    In other words, don’t be surprised next week if you’re at the Grossmont Center and stumble across one of our paths ;) as we will each be there on our own time shopping for the perfect fall ensemble just in time for Saturday’s soiree.

    FWSD: Grossmont Center Style Soiree-4

    (Photography by Thomas Avila)

    And I don’t know about YOU, but I honestly cannot wait to see what each of us comes up with!

    FWSD: Grossmont Center Style Soiree-5

    (Photography by Thomas Avila)

    I mean we have such individual style that I believe it will be pretty exciting to see the end result . . . not to mention, getting a glimpse of the Grossmont Center’s top fall trends on FWSD runway.

    FWSD: Grossmont Center Style Soiree-6

    (Photography by Thomas Avila)

    “I stay true to myself and my style, and I am always pushing myself to be aware of that and be original.” Aaliyah

    FWSD: Grossmont Center Style Soiree-7

    (Photography by Thomas Avila)

    SO, please join us and FWSD one week from tomorrow [Saturday, August 22nd] at the Grossmont Center, right in front of the movie theatre by the fountains, for an hour of fashionable fun. The event is from 3 to 4 p.m. I hope to see you there! Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Style-Crazed: Museum Ball 2.0

    Last weekend, I had the extreme pleasure of dressing to the nines [once again] for the Oceanside Museum of Art‘s Annual Museum Ball.

    As its largest fundraiser each year, the Museum Ball attracts OMA’s very finest for an evening outside with good music, great food, and adult libations galore. This year was my second time serving on the ball committee and I am happy to report that we definitely raised the bar from last year. In fact, I have heard nothing but rave reviews about the night’s experience, and even though the jury’s still out as to how much we actually raised, I am positive it will be a proud number :)

    Now, let’s talk “black tie” fashion, shall we?!

    Style Crazed: Museum Ball 2.0

    Glasses: Dior / Earrings & Bracelet: Love Tatum / Dress: Alice + Olivia

    Clutch: Kate Spade New York / Shoes: DSW

    I ADORE events like this one, because as an adult, this is about as close to a prom as you can get. I mean what lady doesn’t want to get all doll-ed up, see her handsome husband in a tux, and dance her way into twilight with some of her dearest friends? That’s right = this Lucky Little Mustardseed is an über fan of a formal affair! So much so that when an occasion like this beckons, I usually like to try to one up myself with my wardrobe. I know it’s silly, BUT it’s something I strangely live for!

    For this year’s ball, I had the most difficult time finding a dress. Why? Well, for starters, I’m a firm believer in quality and not quantity. Cocktail dresses and evening gowns are NOT an inexpensive endeavor, so for me to personally spend x-amount of dollars on a dress, it sure better be sewn right, fit right, and have that unique WOW factor I’m always looking for. Secondly, I won’t wear anything that doesn’t scream #justjenna, because frankly, I have absolutely no desire to fit in. I also believe that there is nothing more beautiful [or stylish] than being your true self. For example, I don’t do long dresses. I am all limbs, no torso, and frankly, am somewhat of a klutz. It’s true! At my junior prom, I actually ripped the back of my dress on the dance floor. Can you believe that??? EMBARRASSING! That’s why I opted for a short dress for my senior prom AND haven’t really looked for or cared about a long dress ever since ;) SO, after I sent back . . . oh, I don’t know ten or more dresses [thank goodness for free shipping & returns] I was feeling quite deflated. THEN suddenly, I remembered about this sequins/beaded number from Alice + Olivia. I just LOVE Stacey Bendet‘s designs, don’t you? It, of course, was no longer available on her site. #FAIL. But luck luckily wouldn’t have it end that way. Thanks to good ole Google, I was happily able to not only secure one in my exact size but MAJORLY on-sale.

    Winner-winner, chicken dinner!

    From there, the rest was pretty easy-peasy. I opted to re-wear my white Dior glasses from our our February elopement, my BCBGeneration [I-could-pass-as-real-Valentino] pumps from this year’s Fashion Week San Diego Spring Showcase, and one of my beloved Kate Spade “book” clutches. The only real purchase I made for the night [besides these classic french tips] were these gorgeous earrings and matching bracelet from La Jolla-based, jewelry artist, Love Tatum – a.k.a. my latest obsession! Aren’t they fun? My friend and fellow fashion blogger, Vanessa Balli, is the one that actually introduced me to her designs. You should totally checkout Tatum’s jewelry too. The stones in my purchase totally remind me of my graphic designer’s two Dalmatian furbabies [yes, that’s how my brain works sometimes] PLUS, their quality is out of this world!

    “As I grew up, I learned what worked for me. That’s where the short dresses came from. And you can’t dance in a long dress.”Tina Turner

    Style Crazed: Museum Ball 2.0

    SO, what do you think of my fancy ensemble? Not to toot my own horn here or anything, but I truly think this is the best look I’ve put together thus far in the history of LLM :) I’m delighted that it’s both classy and unique with a side of quirk. OH, and before I forget I may or may not have had too many glasses of wine at the event, got on stage, and sang a little Pat Benatar LIVE with the band. Whoopsy-daisy!

  • Style Crazed: DMTC 3.0

    Yesterday, I attended Opening Day at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club for the third year in a row – an event I personally look forward to now each year in all of its entirety: watching the horses race, seeing the sea of hats, betting on the races, spending time with friends, AND [of course] planning my “race day” outfit!


    Hat: And They Loved Hats / Glasses: Miu Miu / Earrings: Target / Pearls: Vintage

    Romper: Black Halo / Purse: Kate Spade New York / Shoes: DSW

    When planning any ensemble, it’s always important to dress for you and no one else; meaning wear what works for you, your taste, and your body type. For example, I tend to wear fascinators for this particular event. Why? Well, it’s not only because they are so adorably cute, but ALSO because they work very nicely in my hair and do not dominate my thin stature. Large hats can have a tendency to look overbearing and give off a “bobble head” effect on certain body types. Plus, they can be tricky to take a selfie with! Lol. The key is to try on multiple styles, figure out what works best for you, and stick with it. That’s why this year I sprung for a fascinator once again. Only this time, it was a mini version of that stiff-straw-styled, turn-of-the-century hat = the boater! A fairly formal accessory often still worn by traditional barbershop quartets. It had that right amount of charming flair, SO I quite simply had to have it.

    For the rest of my look, I pretty much based the entire thing around my shoes. Yes, I KNOW I have done that for more #stylecrazed posts than I care to count. Can you really blame me though?! Look at these gorgeously floral pumps! With them, I was easily able pull from their beautiful array of colors to dress myself from head-to-toe :) my glasses and fascinator for the black, my pearls for the white, my romper for the red, and my snail purse for both the green and to help with the garden-esque feel I was going for. That’s also why I glued this vintage, lady bug brooch to my hat as well; to bring everything full circle.

    Style Crazed: DMTC 3.0-4

    Now, let’s quickly touch upon rompers, ladies! I’m going to be blunt here. There is a VERY fine line in fashion between classy and trying-to-hard . . . and by trying-to-hard, I mean allowing your butt cheeks to hang out the bottom of your shorts [same goes for “under boob” but that’s another discussion for different day] if you’re like me, Long Legs McGee, you more than know how difficult it is to wear shorts that are tasteful. Ever since this whole “romper” trend came about, I have shopped high and low for the most flattering rompers, and after many summers with this fad, I am happy to report that I have a whopping two of them. Both are comfy and show just the right amount of leg. I cannot even begin to tell you how many women I saw yesterday running around with the most unflattering wardrobes when all they really needed was a romper with an extra inch or two of fabric! I mean we are at the races [a dressier event] but then again, we all know how money cannot buy class.

    “Cock your hat – angles are attitudes.” – Frank Sinatra

    Okay, I’ll get off my soap box now ;) what do you think about my quirky get-up? I think it’s a good mix of my own style with little hints of vintage history. Do you agree? Either way, I hope you have a very FASHIONABLE Fri-YAY and a stupendous weekend!