• Style Crazed: Black Tie

    Saturday was the Oceanside Museum of Art’s Annual Museum Ball.

    It was a black tie affair.

    And this is what I wore :)

    Style Crazed: Black Tie Glasses: Miu Miu / Dress: Anthropologie / Earrings & Purse: Target / Bracelet: Of a Kind / Pumps: Dillards

    Now, as you can see, it’s not beaming with my usual color-tastic flair. Nope. For this particular event, I decided to change things up a bit and go with a more classic Hollywood feel. With that being said, however, the look is still very contemporary. Let’s start with the dress = it’s short, which is NOT what you typically wear to this type of soiree. It’s also fun because of its “Twiggy”-esque cut. Then I paired it with [almost exactly] matching pumps [thank you, Google] and a rare looking bracelet from the lovely ladies over at Of a Kind. In this ensemble, I honestly felt like I was the “Belle of the Ball.” Why? It wasn’t because anyone said so. No. When you are true to you and let your own style show, beautiful is the only way you CAN feel about yourself!

    “I don’t want them to come in with a white tie, and I don’t want them to come in a black tie. But I do want them to come in a tie.” – Rudolf Bing

    And yes [GOOD EYE] those ARE another new pair of four eyes . . .

  • Before & After: “Aurora Rose”

    I have sort of a bad habit. Well, it’s more like two bad habits :) for one, I pick-up/buy/rescue any wingback-esque chair I can get my creative hands on . . . leaving my studio space pretty packed to the nines with potential canvases. And two, once I discover a fabric I’m drawn to [creatively] I buy it – doesn’t necessarily mean I have a purpose for it! Why? For the most part, classic furniture and great fabric can be hard to come by, ESPECIALLY ones that leave me feeling inspired. SO, when I know, I know.

    HB Before & After: "Aurora Rose"

    (“Aurora Rose” – Copyright Pending)

    And that’s the reason today’s #beforeandafter is a perfect example of these personal tendencies of mine. A couple months back, my mentor, Eric, asked me if I wanted this chair he found and I smarted something back with the definition of a yes ;) and then there was the fabric = a little over a year ago, my friend, The Design Stylist, sent me a link saying this swatch reminded her of me. And [of course] I absolutely LOVED it! However, my artistic vision for this dynamic pairing did not come full circle UNTIL I saw the cover of the Oceanside Museum of Art’s Museum Ball invitation. See, I had already decided to donate one of my “functional art” pieces to the event’s silent auction, BUT wasn’t really yet sure as to WHAT I was going to design. Boy, I sure did find my inspiration, though, AND could not be HAPPIER with the results.

    “In creating, the only hard thing is to begin: a grass blade’s no easier to make than an oak.” – James Russell Lowell

    The finished product involves everything I adore: furniture, bright splashes of color, rose gold :D I’m very anxious to see how the bidding goes tomorrow. Wish “us” luck!

  • Style Crazed: Pineapple Bandwagon

    Yes, it’s true.

    I’ve jumped onto this bandwagon too.

    I mean I’ve always loved it as a healthy snack . . . but as an accessory!?

    This is a first ;)


    Glasses: Chanel / Beach Cover-Up: J.Crew / Purse: ASOS / Shoes: Vans

    When I ran across this “pineapple” cross body bag, I knew it was the perfect addition to my summer wardrobe. Then after pairing it with a swimsuit cover-up and my comfy Vans, I found myself in the ideal look for a beach town dweller like myself. It’s fun, lightweight, and extremely classy-cute.

    “I think pineapple is very sexy. It reminds me of bikinis and the beach.” –Penn Badgley

    How have YOU given into this new fade?

  • Adult Swim Saturdays: The Pictures 2.0

    As promised yesterday, here are some additional pictures from last weekend’s Adult Swim Saturdays :) courtesy of the Dive Dayclub’s Facebook page!

    Adult Swim Saturdays: The Pictures 2.0-1

    Why do DJ’s always look like they are having so much [blanky-blank] fun!? They must know something we don’t ;) must be their insanely talented Dayclub dancers? I mean what guy wouldn’t want to stare at these beauties!

    Adult Swim Saturdays: The Pictures 2.0-2

    Here’s a picture of me with some of the lovely ladies I had the pleasure of spending the day with – my gal, Madmade Designs, is on [your] right.

    Adult Swim Saturdays: The Pictures 2.0-3

    Some guy violating Shamu . . . must have never seen the documentary :/ “Blackfish.”

    Adult Swim Saturdays: The Pictures 2.0-4

    More of the women I shared a cabana with :D my friend, Randy [on your right as well] was the one who invited me to join in on the fun. You’re the best, lady!

    Adult Swim Saturdays: The Pictures 2.0-5

    A gal I don’t know being REALLY happy about all the inflatables. I HAD to post. Too funny. Haha!

    Adult Swim Saturdays: The Pictures 2.0-6

    These are the gorgeous ladies who keep all of the dayclub-ers’ [if that’s even a word] palates quenched the entire day = the Dive Dolls!

    Adult Swim Saturdays: The Pictures 2.0-7

    “Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun.” – Randy Pausch

    Adult Swim Saturdays: The Pictures 2.0-8

    As you can see, there is NO fun shortage at Harrah’s Resort Southern California. It’s the place to be. You just HAVE to go!

  • Adult Swim Saturdays 2.0

    To round off the craziness that was last week, I ALSO decided to attend Adult Swim Saturdays at Dive Dayclub at the unparalleled Harrah’s Resort Southern California.


    I believe the more important question is “WHY NOT!?”

    Yes [sure] there had been a couple of wildly crazy days in our schedule. HOWEVER, since the rest of our year is looking about the same, I figured this might be my only opportunity to attend this summer’s festivities. SO, I went for it! Originally, my plan was to get a group of my favorite gals together to enjoy/split a cabana and its bottle service. I honestly tried to coordinate it a couple of times, BUT as soon as a couple of “I’m busy that weekend” texts started rolling in, I quickly felt defeated and, well, unmotivated to do so.

    Adult Swim Saturdays 2.0

    As a result, I accepted our friends, Ryan and Randy’s, invite to their cabana this past Saturday and brought along my girlfriend, Madmade Designs, to enjoy a hot afternoon filled with adult libations and D.J. dance party music. My ability to finally realize that I don’t have to plan everything left me with a pretty astounding epiphany. I’m growing. A couple of years ago, I would have been hell-bent on organizing a get-together of this magnitude, fighting anything that got in my way, BUT I’m starting to discover that it’s okay to not do EVERYTHING. That’s a huge breakthrough, people ;) if I do say so myself.

    “Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun.” – Nina Dobrev

    Anyway, there’s still two months of Adult Swim Saturdays left for YOU to enjoy. If you haven’t been yet, it’s like a Vegas dance club . . . only it’s during the day at a pool with half-naked people. You can read more about it on last year’s post. I’ll try to share some more pictures with you tomorrow :) as soon as Dive Dayclub posts them. Later Gator!