• Off-The-Shoulder Sexy!

    Greetings from the sky, LLMers! As you read this, I am in-route to Boston with my girlfriend, Leslie, so tomorrow we can catch the ferry to Nantucket to visit her mom for a few days and take in the island. THUS, since I’m just sitting here killing time on a plane, sipping some ginger ale, I thought I would share with you one of the outfits I packed for this fun girls’ trip!


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    Now, as you’re already pretty familiar with, I am usually a little bit hesitant about introducing any “trend” into my own personal breed of wardrobe . . . HOWEVER, after I spotted this little off-the-shoulder number in this spring’s J.Crew catalog, I was all in for this returning trend. PLUS, it didn’t hurt that I had a J.Crew gift card burning in my pocket. LOL!


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    As soon as I tried this playful top on, I immediately liked the way it felt AND loved the way I felt in it. Sexy almost! And that’s a lot coming from a nerdy gal like me ;)


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    The only other time in my life I ever remember wearing a top sort of like this was way back in elementary school; only it was a round neck top with its shoulders cut out.


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    For me, when an item of clothing highlights a particular area of skin, I like to counter it by having other areas of my body covered up, so it doesn’t look too contrived. That’s why I complimented this top with white jeans and these rose gold Vans slip-ons.


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    “I think shoulders are sexier than cleavage.” — Nicole Scherzinger


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    With the highlight of rose gold on my feet, I decided to further accessorize my look with my rose-gold matching Origami Owl necklace.


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    This hexagon-shaped, living locket has quickly became a favorite of mine — not only because I’m obsessed with rose gold and it matches my wedding ring perfectly, but also because I was able to customize it with my husband’s and our three furbabies’ birth stones. How sentimentally wonderfully is that?! And right now, through my friend, Stephanie Kelley with Origami Owl, you can receive a complimentary flamingo charm with your purchase! Just enter 312621 at checkout and Stephanie will separately send you your free charm of my hot pink, spirit animal.


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    Glasses: Chanel / Necklace: Origami Owl / Top: J.Crew / Jeans: Citizens of Humanity

    Purse: Kate Spade New York / Shoes: Vans Classic Slip-On


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    So what do you think of the current 0ff-the-shoulder trend? Love it? Like it? Unsure? I’d love to hear your feedback :) my top has quickly become a staple in my summer wardrobe. Have a wonderful rest of your week and I cannot wait to share with you our pictures from Nantucket!

  • A Romper Should Be In Your Wardrobe’s Vocabulary!

    Happy Friday, LLMers! After my networking meeting yesterday morning, I decided to take an impromtu walk on the beach. See my allergies have been kicking my albino booty the past few days inland, so I thought some fresh Pacific air was exactly what the doctor would order ;)


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    And boy, am I sure glad I did — feeling MUCH better today. Plus, since we aren’t living in the Carlsbad Village any longer, I don’t get in the beach time like I used to. How I have missed that feeling of having the sand in-between my toes!


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    Do you like to go to the beach? I guess that might be a silly question, but I am curious. It’s one of my favorite activities here in San Diego = packing up our Jeep with beach towels, a giant umbrella, and a thermos of “juice” [LOL!] and then spending the afternoon laying on the sand, breathing in the cool breeze, and reading a book.


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    When dressing for such a day, low-maintenance is key. That’s why I usually opt for a romper as a cover-up! Easy to wear, light to the touch, and yet still stylish. Win-wins in my book!


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    And they aren’t just for the beach either. In fact, a cute romper should be a staple in your summer wardrobe as they work perfectly for vacationing, having a picnic, or even attending a pool party . . . and speaking of pool parties, do you have plans tomorrow afternoon?


    Because if you don’t, you should totally think about joining myself and a few other #SDStyleBloggers to help celebrate Vocabulary Boutique‘s 7th birthday at the Westgate Hotel’s Rooftop Summer Pool Party! Guests will enjoy an upscale swim club ambiance with the refreshing pool, modern chaise lounges, and Vocabulary’s VIP cabana. Tickets are only $25.00 [so cheap!] if interested, click this link for further details! >>> https://www.eventbrite.com/e/french-riviera-soiree-and-swim-club-series-saturday-august-13-tickets-24580026521


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    If you haven’t had the pleasure of shopping at Vocabulary Boutique, I highly recommend a visit. It’s located in Little Italy and is where I actually acquired this flamingo romper. Yeah, so if you love this romper like I did than you’re in for a real treat at their store. Everything is well-curated, reasonably priced and über cute!


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    I just love the way I feel wearing this romper and the fact that it has my spirit animal all over it as it’s print, well, that’s just an added bonus!


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    Have I ever told you as to why I believe the flamingo is my spirit animal?


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    For starters, they have those bright pink feathers, which is so captivating, AND they are practically all legs and beak . . . just like your Lucky Little Mustardseed! Well, except I wear all bright colors ;) but other than that, I feel drawn to them.


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    “Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.” — Unknown


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    And on that note, I bid you adieu, y’all! I’m playing catch-up today in the Homebird Upholstery studio and need to get back to work :) I hope you have a fantastic weekend and really do hope to see/meet you tomorrow at Vocabulary Boutique’s Pool Party! Ciao!






  • The Pink Lady: 60s

    Move over, Peggy Olsen. There’s a new copywriter in town . . . oh, goodness me! How fun would it have been to have lived in the 1960s?! I mean sure there were many more equality issues than we have today for us, ladies :/ but the style back then was to absolutely to die for!


    Hair by Rachel Galati Hair / Photo by J. Dixx Photography

    Since we are about to close on the first week of August, I thought it was time to share with you this month’s 60s look for the historical 9-month fashionable countdown for the La Valencia Hotel’s Hot Pink 90th Celebration! For those of you who are a little late to the game, the Cliffnotes version is I was hired this year by the La Valencia Hotel to both style/model for their 2016 birthday campaign, which has been a very stylish experience thus far AND, well, very pink ;) see the hotel opened in 1926 and is celebrating it’s 90th this December. Thus far, we have shared with you photoshoots from the 2000s, 90s, 80s, and 70s . . . and just when I think #teampink can’t outdo the decade from the month before, we go and have a wonderful photoshoot like this!


    Hair by Rachel Galati Hair / Photo by J. Dixx Photography

    For the sixties, I wanted to be very Mad Men-esque [of course] and embody the ladies we grew to love on that fantastic television show we are STILL yearning for more of. In order to make this happen, I decided to hit up Fashion Week San Diego‘s 2015/2016 designer, Timmithea, who had created the dress I am wearing for her 2015 runway show. Isn’t it perfect?! From there, the rest was easy-peasy = pearls, my grandmother’s white gloves, and two pairs of panty hoses . . . VOILA! I’m ready for a dirty martini and a shrimp cocktail. Lol.


    Hair by Rachel Galati Hair / Photo by J. Dixx Photography

    My little Nella Sue even made an appearance for the photoshoot. Why? Well, did you know that the La Valencia Hotel was a pet-friendly hotel? Yep, they sure are and that’s one of the biggest reasons why I love to stay there. “The Pink Lady” understands the needs of us furparents. They are right above a park, they have water bowls, and even little pink bandanas with “La Valencia Hotel” printed on them to help accessorize your pet. How rad is that?!


    Hair by Rachel Galati Hair / Photo by J. Dixx Photography

    And speaking of rad, I have to give my hairstylist, Rachel Galati, from TWIG hair lounge a MAJOR shout-out because without her, these looks would be no where near the perfection they are. Her talent simply amazes me and I feel so incredibly lucky that she was happy to come on board for this pink ride.


    Hair by Rachel Galati Hair / Photo by J. Dixx Photography

    When’s the last time you’ve visited the La Valencia Hotel? A week? A month? Ever? If you haven’t been there lately or maybe never been, it’s a must, ESPECIALLY with their new Hot Pink at 90 Celebration Package! They’ve also just hired a new Executive Chef. SO, if a gorgeous hotel with oceanviews, fantastic food, and great service is your thing, let’s just say you already know where you should be staying :) have a wonderful weekend, y’all, and don’t forget to save-the-date for the La Valencia Hotel’s 90th “Roaring 20s” Birthday Party! It’s going to be a hoot.





  • Solar Watt Solutions

    Over the past weekend, #MeandD celebrated six months of living in our forever home within the gates of Pauma Valley Country Club; a time filled with copious amounts of love, many life lessons, and LOTS of unexpected expenses. First, we had a huge rodents issue. Next, there were our outlandish electrical bills. And then on Saturday, our air conditioning unit suddenly stopped working. Yeah, who knew you could learn/spend so much in so little time? I know I sure didn’t :/ but let’s not focus on the negative here and instead let me share with you the positive experience we had in getting our house’s energy from the sun!

    See a few short months after moving into our home, we received our first electrical bill from San Diego Gas & Electric and, well, let’s just say it was a doozy [like a $1300 doozy] that absolutely shocked us to our very core. I mean who wants to spend that much money to keep the lights on, right?! PLUS, during our escrow disclosures, we were given copies of past electrical bills that reflected more the $500-$600 range, so yeah, we were surprised. But then again, we didn’t know that the former owners were not living here full-time either . . . so it’s pretty much a no brainer as to why we decided to go the solar route ;)

    And luckily, because of my participation in a San Diego BNI group, I already knew a local solar-energy company by the name of Solar Watt Solutions. Through Solar Watt, my husband and I were not only able to get our electricity from the sun but also a new roof, solar panels for the water heater,  a variable speed pump for the pool, AND solar panels to heat said pool [giving us 3+ extra months a year of “pool-time”] for the whopping amount of $0 down! Can you believe that? At first, we actually didn’t either but it’s true! All the way down to every new shingle you see on our roof in the picture below :) here’s how the process worked:


    Shortly after contacting Solar Watt Solutions in Carlsbad, California, the owner, Dave Watt, personally came out to our home to assess our “high electrical bill” predicament. Through Dave’s guidance, we were able to create an action plan to transition our home to solar AND get approved for 100% financing.


    We also found out that we needed a new roof :( which is NOT something we had planned for. I mean sure, from our housing inspection, we did know that we would need to replace our roof within five years time; what we didn’t realize is that taking off solar panels for a new roof and then putting them back on is just as expensive as having solar installed for the very first time. Yikes! But the good news is we were able to add the roof to our solar financing. Not to mention, Dave also had a roofer who could start the job within a week’s time . . . in the middle of their busiest season! Can someone say RAD?!


    That’s right! Solar Watt Solutions was able to contracted Adan Cruz Roofing within no time and I quickly found myself mulling over shingle samples and reviewing roof warranties!


    We decided to go with the Timberline’s Natural Shadow Lifetime Shingles in Charcoal for three reasons = #1. These are the same brand of shingles my parents’ used on the farm and continue to use till this day. #2. Its dark hue will go nicely with color we plan to paint the trim of our house with in the new year. And #3. they have a lifetime warranty, so one and done! Who doesn’t love that?! And as soon as we made that decision, Adan Cruz Roofing got to work; first by tearing off the old roof.







    Bye, Felicia!




    Once the backside of the new roof was almost complete, Solar Watt Solutions got to work on our “solar” installation.



    And talk about a well-oiled machine! Coming from the Midwest, there have been many times the past seven years where I’ve been disappointed by the work ethic of others, but man, I was really impressed with Solar Watt Solutions. They worked so efficiently and were eager to please. They even met my crazy request to color-match the solar electrical box to the brick of our house! Such gentlemen.





    I even decided to get in on the renovation by painting the roof’s pipe caps to match the new color of said roof!



    And then Solar Watt Solutions contracted Naylor Solar to install our pool solar including a variable speed pump!




    To be honest, the installation of the pool solar didn’t go as smoothly as we would have liked when compared to the electrical solar and water heater solar install, but that’s okay, though! It wouldn’t be a true construction project without a little drama ;)


    But other than that, the entire experience was a positive one. We now have a new roof, a home powered by the sun, a heated pool, and are well on our way to saving $500 by the first year with a $7,000 tax credit AND a $50,000 savings in 20 years. How green can one household get?! Lol!


    “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” — Buddha


    Needless to say, we are beyond happy with the service we received from Solar Watt Solutions and highly recommend them if you’re considering solar for your own home in San Diego, Orange County, or Riverside counties. Just tell them that Jenna Pilant of Lucky Little Mustardseed sent you! I promise they will take magnificent care of you!

  • Popcorn In The Pool!

    I hope this blog post finds you staying cool in this summer heat :) and I don’t know about you but I am so happy it’s Friday; been dealing with some computer issues this week [AGAIN] so I am MORE than ready to have a few days off to lay by the pool!


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    This weekend is a special one for the Pilant household as it marks six months of us living here in our forever home. Can you believe it? It’s already been six months. CRAZY! Initially, we were going to throw a “Sweet Home Marriage” party tomorrow to celebrate both our 2015 elopement and this year’s house purchase. However, after experiencing our first Summer in Pauma Valley, we decided to NOT make our guest miserable and postponed it closer to the one-year mark — most likely sometime this coming January as it will be much cooler then ;)


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    One of the areas #MeandD have most enjoyed in our new home [I can still call it new, right?] is the backyard pool. Since I grew up on a dryland farm in Central Nebraska, the whole concept of having a pool is so foreign to me. As kids, my mom used to drive AT LEAST a half an hour one-way to take us to a public pool. So needless to say, I’m loving it. Seriously. You have no idea how much and my husband is too. I jokingly call him by pool boy ;) he just laughs. It’s just so nice for us to have this place to relax!


    Photo by Henry S. Young


    Photo by Henry S. Young


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    I mean it doesn’t matter if you’re in the water floating around or even just lounging underneath our giant umbrella with a cold ice tea, it’s simply an #instahappy experience waiting to happen and I cannot wait to share it with all of our friends!


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    Plus, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the “shopping” experience as well :) can someone say new swimsuits? I am currently obsessed with Marysia Swim. Maria Dobrzanska Reeves‘ designs are so fun and beyond comfortable. The material is to die for; feels like you’re not really wearing a swimsuit at all. That’s right! This suit is THAT comfortable. Highly recommend!


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    I love to pair it with my “Mrs. Pilant” hat that I got off of Etsy, these “very Jackie O.” sunglasses and this crocheted tank top I got ON SALE from REVOLVE Clothing for my “Jenna & Kristin Take Vegas” trip this past May!


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    Customized Sun Hat: Hats By Olivia / Sunglasses: Prada Round Baroque Sunglasses / Cover-Up Tank: REVOLVE / Bikini: Marysia Swim


    Yeah, so we are definitely enjoying home ownership over here :) there’s still a lot of progress to be made on the house [in general] but we are taking it all in stride. I will continue to update you as we make improvements. IN FACT, please check back the early part of next week as I reveal the big project we just wrapped with SolarWatt Solutions. It’s going to give us much more pool time year around! Have a fantastic weekend, y’all, and stay cool out there!