• My eBay-ing Gown Debacle

    Sometimes dressing up to give back can get pretty pricey! One of the “wife” perks of my husband’s philanthropic work is the honor to be his arm candy at multiple fundraising events each year, which can get a little bit EXPENSIVE when its sort of frowned upon in society to re-wear the evening gown you just wore the year before :/ silly “rule” btw! I mean don’t get me wrong = I HAVE RE-WORE MANY OF MY EVENING GOWNS! I just don’t repeat them at the same events ;) which brings me to the story of this year’s shopping experience for the Tri-City Hospital’s Diamond Ball . . .


    Yep, today is a re-created look here on LLM, because the events that had to go down in order for me to get my hands FINALLY on this evening gown were just too CrAzY not to share! Lol. See, my usual go-to designer for all things black tie-related is Tadashi Shoji, but this year when the velvet number I had been salivating over sold out in my size [a failed purchase on my part that will forever haunt me] I sort of panicked – not because there aren’t enough evening gowns in the world [trust me :) there’s plenty!] but more due to the fact that my husband wished to wear this very eclectic tux jacket we had found for him on a weekend trip to Palm Springs earlier this year; this brilliant, one-of-a-kind find with black lapels and this dazzling array of fuchsia, turquoise and metallic fabric. See said jacket here. It was just too spectacular for him not to wear it for this year’s event, so I guess one could say I was hellbent on finding the perfect counterpart to match his tux jacket glory [challenge accepted!!] and in the end, I did! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


    I knew I really wanted my gown to be either turquoise or fuchsia in color as a solid black anything isn’t really in my repertoire ;) so I headed over to good ole Google to start my quest and it wasn’t long before I landed on this Nicole Miller Multi-Color Floral Print 3D Magnolia Gown. It was love at first search, y’all, and had all the colors of my husband’s tux jacket. PURE PERFECTION if I ever saw it. The only MAJOR problem was it was from seasons ago and wasn’t really an easily accessible purchase. But AGAIN I was determined. So I copied and pasted all of the details of said gown into the search bar, crossed my fingers and hoped I would be just lucky enough to find one for sale. I didn’t care if it was used at this point. I WANTED THAT GOWN!


    Well, as fate would have it, I DID manage to locate THEE gown via Linda’s Closet on eBay AND even in my size too! How rad is that?! It was like the Universe wanted me to wear this gown :) or so I thought! As soon as I opened the delivered package, I knew something was wrong. The fabric inside was too dark. It was the wrong dress. I quickly called the number on the postcard included. The online consignment store seemed thoroughly confused as well. I just figured they accidentally sent the wrong dress. Nope! They said they couldn’t even find the dress in their warehouse??! I felt heartbroken. Well, as luck would have it, some other stylish gal received my gown and I received hers! So, we both sent back our incorrect orders and I patiently waited for my Nicole Miller to arrive.


    The day I received my delivery confirmation text, I jumped up from my chair and gleefully proceeded to our front door. Nothing there? Huh, that’s weird?! So I proceeded to our front gate. Nothing there either? Must be at the garage door then. No such luck. So I decided to call USPS. And that’s where I went from disappointed to extremely agitated. The nice USPS lady confirmed that my dress had in fact been delivered . . . to a postal locker in Gualala, California?! I quickly got off the phone with her and called Linda’s Closest. I felt sick. The same lady that had been helping during this entire debacle sounded as shocked as I did. She said she handled everything with the exchange except attaching the mailing label. THEY SENT MY DRESS TO ANOTHER CUSTOMER YET AGAIN. She apologize and said that they would refund the purchase cost for all my troubles, which they did, but I still wanted my dress. The Diamond Ball was only a week and half away and at this point I had no interest in finding another gown. I was obsessed at this point, so I decided to become my own Sherlock Holmes. I started by Googling the town. It was a small beach community with only a population of 2,093. I grew up in a small town in Nebraska of 1,909 and if I know anything about small communities, everyone knows everyone, so I figured the USPS up in Gualala would not only know the name of who rents the parcel locker but also where he or she lives and works. Hell, probably even know his/hers entire family! I had to at least try, right?! And guess what?! Another nice USPS lady came to the rescue! I gave her the Cliffnotes of my situation and she happily offered to help. She took down my name and number and said she would call me back as soon as she had some news. I don’t think even think thirty minutes had passed when this Wonder of a Woman called me back to say that she had located my gown!! A store in Gualala called Anabelle’s Boutique had received my gown along with the rest of their Linda’s Closest order and were more than willing to send my gown to the rightful owner, especially after hearing my story. I probably looked like I had fallen asleep with a hangar in my mouth at this point. I WAS SO BEYOND HAPPY!!


    This Nicole Miller gown sure went on quite the journey before it’s walk down the red carpet at the Tri-City Hospital’s Diamond Ball. It complimented D’s tux jacket perfectly and we received many kind compliments on our not so matchy-matchy but elegant looks. This entire experience has taught me a lot about shopping = secondhand gowns are just as good as new gowns [especially when they only cost $118.00] read ALL of the reviews of an eBay seller before you buy, and that sometimes if you want something bad enough, you have to go after it yourself!

    Photos by 656 Photography

    Outfit Details:

    Glasses: Lulu Guinness / Necklace: BaubleBar / Evening Gown: Nicole Miller via eBay

    Mink Shawl: Vintage [CALM DOWN, FOLKS ;) it was my Grandmother’s!]

    Clutch: Kate Spade New York

  • Holiday-Emoji Style

    December is here, y’all, and I’m shimmying my way into this month with lots of untraditional outfit ideas for you this HOLIDAY season :) starting with some FUN pops of that oh-so FESTIVE red!

    Jenna Pilant Emoji Style

    And by RED, I mean that bright sports car-driving, Gwen Stefani lip-wearing, emotionally intense hue of a color ;) that one that breathes strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love.


    It’s one of my absolute faves from the rainbow and is the one true color that really ties this entire look together, from my earrings all the way down to the flirty poms of my Sam Edelman shoes!


    OH, and let’s talk briefly about my lighthearted EMOJI sweater too! I had been eyeing this baby on the Alice + Olivia site for months and then BAM! It went ON SALE on Black Friday and I was like MINE! Lol.


    “When I look into the future, it’s so bright it burns my eyes.” — Oprah Winfrey


    I hope this #stylecrazed post [along with my many others] inspires you to EXPERIMENT with your own fashion EVERY time you visit! That’s been my mission the past five years. HaPpY Blogiversary, y’all!!

    Thank YOU so much for being part of this journey with me!

    Photos by 656 Photography

    Outfit Details:

    Sunglasses: Prada / Emoji Sweater: Alice + Olivia / Skirt: Victoria Beckman x Target

    Clutch: Kate Spade New York / Pumps: Sam Edelman

  • Cash-mas!

    Today is Giving Tuesday, y’all!

    Celebrated on the Tuesday directly following Thanksgiving every year, #GivingTuesday is a day of giving in the U.S, fueled by the power of social media and collaboration, that kicks off the charitable season when many are focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving. It’s also one of the best ways to get involved in your own community and is NOW a day that is extremely special in our household. You see one year ago today, I decided to join my husband and his “Giving Tuesday” team from Harrah’s Resort Southern California to help the Escondido Campus of the San Diego Humane Society. D worked a couple of hours at his casino property that day, then ran home to pick me up so we could go volunteer AND at some point while backing out of our driveway, told me in his most serious “D” voice, “We are NOT coming home with another dog today.” I quickly remarked something to the extent of “Yes, handsome, I am FULLY aware that my adolescent daydreams of having six dogs just isn’t going to happen.”

    This was the day Cash found his forever home.


    I know it’s cliche to type this, but I honestly remember that day like it was yesterday = when we arrived to Escondido Campus of the San Diego Humane Society, I recall a group of Harrah’s employees already congregated outside the building, wearing their #GivingTuesday t-shirts while listening to the wonderful SDHS staff inform us as to what we were going to be helping with. I also remember feeling relieved to learn that we weren’t going to be having direct contact with any of the animals and were instead going to be organizing their storage containers as well as making some dog treats. I just knew that meeting any of their adoptable dogs was going to be torturous for my animal-loving heart.


    Relieved, I quickly joined my husband and the rest of his team emptying said storage containers and purging any unusable donations via our instructions from the SDHS staff. Yes, it was a somewhat “dirty” volunteering experience but I was thoroughly enjoying myself, helping an organization that does so much for lost animals, all the while listening to D and his employees banter back and forth. It wasn’t until after D finished his #GivingTuesday television interview that our life quickly changed forever.


    The camera man had just wrapped with his last question for D and we were slowly making our way back to the “volunteering” area WHEN a man walked by holding one of the most adorable puppies I had ever seen. My heart stopped. “Is she officially yours?” I asked the stranger. He grinned and replied with the most HaPpY “YES, she sure is! Just adopted her. She has a couple of siblings though. They are inside.” Well, apparently that was all my husband needed to hear, because suddenly D thought it was such a good idea to go inside the Humane Society to meet the puppies. “Seriously?!” I complained. “What are you trying to do to me . . . torture your wife?!” I mean I of course knew he wasn’t PURPOSELY trying to cause me angst, but it did beg the question, y’all ;) and onward into its lobby we went!


    Once inside, we discovered that there was in fact two remaining puppies . . . sleeping gently in their crate . . . strategically placed in the lobby RIGHT beside the front desk. “Damn,” I thought, “These Humane Society folks sure know their product placement.” Lol. Me and D then proceeded to sit down quietly beside the two sleeping sweeties. There was one boy and one girl. I quickly asked D which one is the boy? He pointed him out via his chart and said his name was Cash. As soon as I muttered, “Awe, Cash!” that little seven-week old black and white puppy’s eyes jolted straight open and looked at me. D gasped and I abruptly found myself asking the front desk lady if there was possibly a room where were could go play with the male puppy. Naturally, there was a place specifically set aside for such hasty decisions!


    From the moment we entered the room, Cash had already decided that we were going to be his parents. Funny, how these newbie furballs know exactly how to work the charm ;) D had sat down on the floor in the far corner of the visitation room as I made my way around the lady that was carrying Cash. Before I could even process what was going on, Cash had been placed on the floor and had managed to puppy-frolick into D’s lap and attack his face with the most affectionate kisses I had ever seen. I knew we were screwed. Unexpectedly, the man who had only a few hours prior lectured me on “no new dogs” was asking me if Cash could count as this year’s birthday present?! Such a whirl-a-wind of a day!!


    “A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his.” – John Grogan


    And that’s how Cash came to be part of our family!

    We adopted him right on the spot that day and eagerly took him home to a household of three older dogs. Sure, we TOTALLY upset the pack order, and yes, our household was a complete shit-show months following, AND it probably would have been in our best interest to get our heads examined first ;) but honestly, Cash has been the most rewarding experience of my life. He just turned one in October and continues to amaze us with his energy, mental abilities, and the overall sweetness of his heart. The other dogs have adjusted and now it seems weird to think back on a time when Cash wasn’t a part of our days. He loves the pool, long walks and tug-a-war. I LOVE kissing his squishy nose, looking into those golden eyes of his, and sneaking in a “Cash” hug whenever the moment presents.

    Yep, Giving Tuesday [or as we like to say Cash-mas] will forever be a special day in our life, our marriage and for our pack. Seriously, #adoptdontshop, y’all! It’s sure made a believer out of us.

    Photos by 656 Photography

    Outfit Details:

    Glasses: Kate Spade New York / Chicago Sweatshirt: Vintage / Belt Bag: Herschel Supply Co.

    Jeans: Lovers + Friends / Sneakers: Nike

  • Betty and Veronica Pins!

    To pin or not to pin? THAT has been the question for little over a year now . . . I’ve been a bit hesitant about collecting something else, because UMM, does Jenna honestly need another “thing” to collect?! I mean she does have 14+ pairs of glasses after all ;) lol! But my uncertainty quickly became a whopping YASS once I found out that the fashion brand, Betty and Veronica, had released their own set of pins! You might remember being introduced to this them via my Instagram account at this year’s Fashion Week San Diego when my girlfriend, Leslie Miller, and I donned pop art-inspired Betty and Veronica outfits?!


    WELL whether you do or you don’t, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the Betty and Veronica brand. All of their pieces feature either original [OR inspired by] artwork by legendary Archie Comics illustrators, Dan DeCarlo and Dan Parent; GIVING this #stylecrazed #nerdygirl all the FEELS for this comic-strip-loving fashion brand. But my adoration for them doesn’t stop there = they also LOVE to collaborate with other artists as well [how rad is that?!] LIKE fashion designer, Rachel Antonoff [oh my gawd, we LOVE her!] and that’s what makes this pin collection extra special. They are the #creativeaftermath of Betty and Veronica’s most recent collaboration with quirky artist, Sara M. Lyons!


    The collection includes sixteen different pins, which made it difficult for me to select only one [I know I should get more] but I of course settled on the “RONNIE THE RIVETER” pin for my love of girl power, all things vintage, and to commemorate my work with the La Valencia Hotel last year [remember that PINK LADY?!] the pin is gorgeous, measures approximately 1.25 in diameter and is made of super shiny, jewelry-quality hard enamel in gorgeous full color with glossy gunmetal plating and screen printed details. It also has a single-prong back with a black rubber clutch. OH, and OF COURSE is available in “Betty” ;)


    “I’ve always felt that the comic strip medium stands equally beside all the other story telling mediums: novels, movies, stage plays, opera, you know, you name it.” — Dave Gibbons


    SO, there you have it = Jenna is officially on the “pin collecting” bandwagon! Haha. My blogger gal pal, Any Second Now, is going to be oh-so pleased!! AND I’m not going to lie, y’all – I AM very pleased that “RONNIE” was the first pin of my collection and looks pretty stellar on this backpack I recently acquired from Target for the sole purpose of displaying this “growing” obsession :) yep, I bought a new bag just for my pins and I only have one! Here it begins! :) You’ve been warned! Lol!


    Photos by 656 Photography / Jenna Pilant / J.DIXX Photography

  • A Feminist Fall

    Fall temperatures are finally here in San Diego, y’all, and this #stylecrazed gal could NOT be happier about it! It was seriously starting to feel like the weather would never cool down here, but luckily, this week it actually did :D so I got to layering and this has been a NEW outfit I have been wanting to share with you for a while now! It’s a mix of Cabi’s Fall 2017 collection, one of my favorite Kate Spade funky purses, AND my new Rachel Antonoff’s Reproductive Sweater, which was famously wore by Lena Dunham to a Planned Parenthood event where she auctioned it off to raise an additional $4,000 for the cause. Yep, as a feminist and a Planned Parenthood supporter myself, I know I don’t really have to explain to you WHY I simply HAD to add this sweater to my collection . . . but you know me! ;)


    I feel this sweater is a badge of honor, a statement that I am proud to be a woman and will continue to fight for what’s right [EQUALITY] in our world; not to mention, it’s pretty damn cute. I also love that it was made by Rachel Antonoff, because her brother [I don’t know if you know this or not] who is also a feminist, is Jack Antonoff, the singer and songwriter of Bleachers AND lead guitarist of the indie rock band Fun. who just happen to be two of my all-time favorite bands. How rad is that?! And it goes SO superbly well with my hue-matching patterned Cabi coat and their equally chic boots. More deets below!




    White Dior Glasses / Cabi Sovereign Coat / Rachel Antonoff Sweater / Cabi High Straight Jeans

    Kate Spade New York Mouse Purse / Cabi Bissett Booties



    “It’s the fire in my eyes, and the flash of my teeth, the swing in my waist, and the joy in my feet. I am a woman phenomenally.” — Maya Angelou, “Phenomenal Woman: Four Poems Celebrating Women”


    Feminist apparel, like Rachel Antonoff’s Reproductive Sweater here, have been popping up everywhere since the last presidential campaign and I honestly love it and cannot get enough of it. How about you?? Are you loving it as well? Do you think it’s overkill? Not your thing? I think it’s really interesting how the current times are having such an influence on what we wear, and how without muttering a single word, you can know where I stand on the current issues. Yep, this “hysterical female” is WOKE, y’all, just like many of my fellow vagina-owning pals. Who knew when I read the Feminist Mystique in high school, I would live to be part of another social movement. It’s inspiring. It’s frustrating. And I honestly don’t see us calming down anytime soon!

    Photos by 656 Photography