• An Ode To 29

    Today is my thirtieth birthday, folks.

    You read that right – the BIG 3-0!

    The past couple of years [well, since I started LLM] I have written an annual tribute to my former self.

    I guess it’s the way I keep myself in check ;)

    “27” was a tough year, “28” was giant leap in the right direction . . . while “29” was hazy.

    An Ode To 29

    Why do you say that?

    Umm, well, it’s MOSTLY because I had such a hard time staying focused this year.

    While you ARE a very creative lady, Jenna, you simply tried to do too much and attempted to go in WAY too many directions. I mean you really riled yourself up for 29, and although that’s good and all, you really need to listen to “What About Bob?” and take baby steps :) the way you went after EVERYTHING left you feeling like you were lacking and that you were maybe not good enough. You ARE a gifted artist. You just need to stick to one area, however = UPHOLSTERY! It gives you such insane pleasure. PLUS, you’re good at it AND have some pretty-crazy-awesome ideas up your sleeve. SO, run with that! Now, I’m not saying that you can’t eventually do other things, but for the time being, zoning-in on one area WILL give you a chance to really spread your wings and fly; HOPEFULLY right into an art gallery. You simply need to be kinder to YOU and not allow yourself to feel so discourage at times. After all, there is NO owner’s manual for what you are trying to do. In fact, you are probably going to fall on your face a few more times before things [success-wise] start happening.


    Remember to breathe and enjoy the ride, Jenna. This isn’t your final destination, but it IS a journey. Your 20’s taught you A LOT! The learning isn’t over yet, though. Keep your eyes wide and your heart open.

    “One must never be either content with, or impatient with, oneself.” – C. S. Lewis

    And like you said last night, THIRTY is going to be the best year yet!

  • Blogiversary: Deux!

    Today marks two years for Lucky Little Mustardseed :) and although I delight in this very milestone [between you and I] some aspects of the blog must change . . . because, well, my life is starting to feel blurry.

    Blogiversary: Deux!

    BUT before I go any further, please do not begin to think that this is the beginning of the end for LLM. ‘Cause it’s not ;) I still LOVE writing and sharing my life with you. I just need to tweak it a little bit. For whatever reason, I put myself on this strenuous writing schedule of five days a week for year two. What was I thinking?!?!?! I honestly don’t know what I was trying to prove or what the motive was, but it totally kicked my a**! I’ve slowly realized that I am, in fact, only one woman and cannot do it all. [Man, that was difficult to write!] The blog began as a happiness project that quickly evolved into a lifestyle blog, which made me VERY happy. However, due to my overzealous ambition this past year, it left me gasping for air, time, and energy. Simply put: I want to be in front of my computer screen less and in my studio creating more. And I really think modifying the frequency of my posts will leave both you and I much happier. The quantity might be less [definitely] but the quality will be much higher. Plus, the projects can be even craftier as I will have time on my side.  I mean I have so many creative ideas filling the pages of my notebook; and many of them I wanted to complete this year and sadly didn’t, because I was constantly consumed with deadlines. SO, it is what it is = I will only hold myself to one post a week [although, I am sure there will be more] AND I truly hope you will continue to go on this journey with me.

    “Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going to fast – you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.” – Eddie Cantor

    Now before I head on out to seize my day, a thank you is still in order.

    What would a blog be without its readers?

    I genuinely do NOT know where to start, but please realize that each and every one of you, who stop by LLM week after week, mean the world to me. This life is a beautiful one and I plan to share it [creatively] with YOU year after year.

    So. Thank. You.

    My heart is full and my mind is booming with new content. Let’s do this.

  • Christmas Tree Tapestry

    Since #meandD are a little less than a month away from moving, this is “it” for our holiday decor . . .

    Christmas Tree Tapestry

    I know it’s a bit odd. Trust me. You know me, right?! I LOOOVE to decorate ― ESPECIALLY for Christmas. I just couldn’t bring myself, however, to drag out all of the yuletide gear WHEN we will be packing and unpacking the very week of Santa. I mean it didn’t make sense to me and I’m sure was a huge relief to D when I told him :) SO, this is our tree = a tapestry!

    “I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” ― Charles Dickens

    I will have to say that making this sort of decision made me eerily feel like a true grown-up [being all rational and such] I promise I won’t become too vanilla in the New Year ;) blogger’s honor!

  • Wish.

    Thanksgiving Day = a time to come together with the ones you love and enjoy in a delicious feast and be simply thankful :)


    It’s days like today that make me realize I should be more grateful. Too often, I allow the little things to send me in a downward spiral and affect this beautiful-creative-crazy thing that is me and the lucky life I get to live. I wish I made more of a point [each and every day] to be appreciative. THAT’s going on my 2015 to-do list! I have the best guy, who loves me with all my flaws; three perfectly-lovably dogs, who adore me; a healthy family, great friends, and honestly, can pretty much do whatever I want to do day-to-day with my time. And YET, I find myself being unhappy. I mean sure my career isn’t where I exactly want it yet, BUT Jenna, you need to start enjoying the journey more!

    “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation isn’t to utter words, but to live by them.” – John F. Kennedy

    As humans, I am certain we are ALL guilty of this and I don’t necessarily know why the past few months have caused me to be so self-aware . . . however, I am glad they did. Happy Turkey Day, y’all. We are blessed.

  • Five For Th$rty

    As a stated a few weeks ago via Sing On Stage Again here on LLM, I have decided to put on a little recital for my 30th birthday AND since we’re a little less than thirty days away from this crazy idea of mine, I thought is was about time to give you the full details :)

    Five For Th$rty

    The event is being called “Five For Th$rty” and will be at the Oceanside Museum of Art on Sunday, December 7th at 6:00 p.m. I will be performing five songs at this time in a very “VH1 Storytellers” kind of setting = just me, a mic, and San Diego’s very own [insanely talented] Cris O’Bryon on the keyboard. I am also encouraging my guests to donate $30.00 per person to the museum as a birthday present to me. Thus, I will not only be checking off one of my lagging 2014 to-do’s but will also help raise some funds for a non-profit art organization I care so very much about.

    “I’ve definitely learned that if you really want something, just go for it, no matter how much it scares you.” – Bethany Mota

    I’m sure I am forgetting some sort of detail but since I need to get to practicing, that’s it for now! I really do hope you can attend and help make my thirtieth year the best one yet. OH! And P.S. – there will also be wine, because . . . well, what’s a birthday without some wine ;)