• A Birthday Celebration In Lake Arrowhead

    After this past weekend, I find myself with sore abs, a refreshed outlook on life, and a smile from ear-to-ear that simply won’t stop. Yep, #MeandD spent the weekend with some of our dearest friends up at Lake Arrowhead.


    This is the second year in a row that our couple friends, Elliot and Allison, have invited us up to their cabin for an overnight stay :) only this time it was for Allison’s 32nd birthday and with two other couples, INCLUDING our couple friends, Rick and Vanessa. We grilled, ate cake, drank and played two of our absolute favorite games = Liar’s Dice and Cards Against Humanity . . .  AND LET ME TELL YOU = I have not laughed that hard and that much in a LOOONG time. It was one of the best weekends away.

    “The mountains are calling and I must go.” — John Muir

    Thank you, Elliot and Allison, for your generous hospitality :) adulting is fun ESPECIALLY when you have friends like the two of you! MUAH!





  • Custom Order: Reno-Custom-Cushions

    Man, this is [by far] the best year to date for my one-woman-owned upholstery shop = Homebird Upholstery!


    The clients have been ever-so consistent and the work has been oh-so rewarding. Like these cushions you see here. My husband’s boss, Janet, reached out a month or so ago to have me build some custom cushions for their house in Lake Tahoe and of course, I leaped at the opportunity. I mean cushions are a specialty of mine AND it is my husband’s boss after all ;) but no, really, I adore Janet and was happy to help another woman decorate her home.

    “I have had some great successes and great failures. I think every entrepreneur has. I try to learn from all of them.” — Kevin O’Leary

    I’m finally starting to feel like I wasn’t so crazy after all to quit my theatre job back in 2012 to pursue a hobby as a business, nevertheless a career :) HUZZAH!


  • Seven Magic Mountains

    As my gal pal, In Spades, cleverly stated on my Instagram post last Friday, “this is like your Dollywood” and seriously, though = it felt like the mother ship was calling this kooky Jenna home ;)


    The Seven Magic Mountains is a new two-year public artwork exhibition located in the desert outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, featuring seven, thirty to thirty-five-foot high dayglow totems comprised of painted, locally-sourced boulders. It was something that just randomly popped up on my Facebook newsfeed one day and luckily I had this trip last weekend already planned for Vegas. And simply put = it was something I absolutely had to see and knew I would regret FOREVER not doing. Plus, anyone who knows me KNOWS how much I love art, adore color and almost live for both. It was something that just HAD to happen and I am so glad it did.


    I mean other than seeing Van Gogh’s Starry Night at MOMA a few years ago in New York City, Seven Magic Mountains was the best art experience of my life and I hope to go back again and again the next two years to see it as much as possible, because it IS one of my absolute happy places. Thank you to my friend, Kim, for picking me up from the airport and joining me for this artistic adventure. It is a gesture I will not soon forget.

    “The location is physically and symbolically mid-way between the natural and the artificial: the natural is expressed by the mountain ranges, desert, and Jean Dry Lake backdrop, and the artificial is expressed by the highway and the constant flow of traffic between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.” — Ugo Rondinone, Artist of Seven Magic Mountains

    You can read more about the Seven Magic Mountains on their site and PLEASE [I beg of you] IF you’re going to be in the Vegas area anytime the next two years, YOU HAVE TO GO!!! Trust me. You’ll be overjoyed you did!




  • Jenna & Kristin Take Vegas!

    If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you already know that I was in Las Vegas, Nevada this past weekend. That’s right. I was and man, oh man, was it a blast or what!


    I went there for a two-night getaway with my long-life friend, Kristin. Which brings me to TWO fun facts = #1. Our dads farms in Nebraska are right by each other and we spent our childhoods together showing horses :) and #2. I’ve never been to Vegas before without my D. So, yeah. It was a blasty blast. We both got in on Friday, went to see J.LO in concert at Planet Hollywood that night, and then ate at Giada’s. The next day, we shopped at the Caesars Palace Forum Shops, lounged by the pool, and went to Omnia that night.

    “Man, I really like Vegas.” — Elvis Presley

    So all-in-all, we packed A LOT into a fly-by trip. I even managed to go check-out the new art installation, Seven Magic Mountains, but more about that on Friday. Until then, have a wonderful week, y’all. I need a nap.

  • Mid-Century Modern Dining

    Happy Memorial Day, everyone! This is an extra special blog post for me today = not only because it’s my San Diegoversary [how the heck have I already lived here 7 years?!] but also because today marks 4 months in our Home Sweet Home – THUS I figured it was about time to start sharing with you some of the progress we’ve made on the place :) starting with our dining room table.


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    While we were in escrow, #MeandD came to the conclusion that our beloved cement table was far too disproportionate to our new dining room space, so we decided that we would re-purpose said cement table in our outdoor living quarters and then try to find a much larger dining room table that would hopefully seat twelve people. I mean we did buy this house to entertain after all ;)


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    Then one Saturday [when we were still in escrow] D called me regarding a vintage Herman Miller conference table he had found on Etsy for . . . wait for it . . . $1400?! I automatically knew where his mind was headed. We are both huge lovers of anything Mid-Century Modern. The only problem was I hadn’t imagined us having a wood-top table. The house already HAD so much wood throughout.


    So I told him that I needed a minute to think about it [did I mention I was also at Trader Joe’s grocery shopping?] but my designer brain was already at a dead sprint. What if we surrounded the table with all differently colored chairs? Maybe we could even eventually re-finish the top of the table to an ebony color? I quickly called him back and he was down for the compromise. Marriage always = compromise. Lol.


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    Now it was just a waiting game. The Etsy shop was located in Michigan and agreed not to ship the table until we closed escrow. Yay! We also needed to find chairs and quickly decided upon ordering them from Modernica in Los Angeles – all Eames-iconic in design, two armchairs, 10 chairs, each in a different hue.


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    And boy, did those chairs come fast. Like really fast. So fast that they arrived the first week we lived there. Now I really wanted the table to get here. We had a dining room full of chairs and no table to eat at. Awesome. Then February came and went AND we got halfway into March. Even better. It quickly started to feel like we hadn’t purchased it at all.


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    Sure, the table was being hauled all the way from Michigan but this was getting out of hand you know? According to the Etsy shop, the table was in transit. Then that East Coast winter storm happened and come to find out the uShip Driver had gone rogue, leaving the table on the East Coast and pretty much told the Etsy shop that they were going to have to figure it out themselves.


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    Now bear with me as I try to tell the rest of story as quickly and as unconfusing as possible . . . since we were not happy about the location of our table purchase, the Etsy shop I guess begged this other uShip Driver she knew to leave Michigan, go to the East Coast to pick-up the table and then turn around and haul it to San Diego, California.


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    Well, while in transit out to California, the new uShip Driver I guess hit a bumpy road and our beautiful mid-century modern Herman Miller conference table fell from the truck’s wall and landed on top of some workout equipment leaving huge gouges in the laminate. I mean seriously is the Universe trying to tell us something?!?


    D originally thought we should just cut our losses and get a refund on the table. His too-creative-for-her-own-good wife however had a different idea ;) thus on the day the damaged table was set to arrive, I invited my friend, Steve Zonce of Zonce Design Studio, over to the house so he could give us his opinion on the state of the table.


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    I figured that if the laminate was beyond repair we could possibly consider replacing the top with a sheet of Formica to help cover the scars AND that’s exactly what we did. Steve did an impeccable job of steaming/removing the damaged laminate off and gluing/shaping the new 12 foot x 5 foot [$105] sheet of Formica into what you see now.


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    “Dining rooms are really all about the table and the chairs.” — Candice Olson


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    Glasses: Dior / Necklace: Target / Dress: Trina Turk / Shoes: Vince Camuto


    Photo by Henry S. Young

    What do you think of our one-of-a-kind dining room set? I have to be honest = on the other side of all this table “drama” I’m actually glad it all went down like it did. I mean it now looks like we purchased it this way and it perfectly matches the motif we are striving for throughout the house. I simply cannot wait to have our first supper party!