• Style Crazed: FWSD Spring Showcase 2015

    Happy Fashion Friday, YOU!


    AND Happy First Day of Spring!

    [How is that already possible?!?!?!]

    A week has almost passed since Fashion Week San Diego’s Second Annual Spring Showcase. The event was once again hosted at Harrah’s Resort Southern California, and man, was the atmosphere electric that night! But let’s first talk about the outfit I wore . . .

    Style Crazed: FWSD Spring Showcase 2015

    Glasses: Dolce & Gabbana / Necklace: COS / Top: REVOLVE Clothing

    Pants: Rebecca Minkoff via Piperlime / Clutch: Kate Spade New York / Shoes: BCBGeneration via DSW

    For this first FWSD event of the year, I desired mixing one of my favorite winter pieces with some fresh flair. Why? Well, for one, I’m usually one to spring for a dress, so I wanted to go outside my comfort zone a bit. Secondly, I did SPLURGE on these beautiful, Marsala leather pants for my thriethieth birthday, and in order for me not to have buyer’s remorse, I need to get as much use out of them as I possibly can ;) thus my goal was to find a top [hopefully in a print] to go with. I didn’t have to look too far, though. [Goodness, how I LOVE REVOLVE clothing!] Once I saw this Reagan Printed Tank by Equipment, I was sold! It had the perfect amount of dark red in it – mixed with fun pops of citrus yellow and pink. Then, I added one of my beloved COS necklaces, a retro radio-looking clutch, these “I-look-like-the-new-Valentinos-but-am-really-not” shoes, and I was SET! What do YOU think of my ensemble? I’m really starting to realize what people have been telling me for years =  I have a knack for color, folks! But I guess that goes hand-in-hand with being an upholstery artist. I also adore velvet. Always have. Always will. And that brings me to the first of five favorites from that night’s runway. This blue velvet Napostol dress almost made me fall out of my seat. It’s flawless hue and the lines. I mean DAMN! Beyond beautiful.

    Style Crazed: FWSD Spring Showcase 2015-2

    (Photography by FWSD)

    And no Spring Showcase would be complete without some bathing suit love! I adore when a one-piece embodies an interesting design with an overall sexy feel. Kudos,  Candy Bee Swimwear. You should be proud!

    Style Crazed: FWSD Spring Showcase 2015-3

    (Photography by FWSD)

    Prints are oh-s0-hot right now. That’s why I wanted a print top for my Spring Showcase look. Scott Rich must have got the memo too. WOW! After the show, I personally went over to congratulate him. You should see what he has in store for October’s runway. I have a feeling there will be MANY Scott Rich pieces in this #stylecrazed lady’s closet.

    Style Crazed: FWSD Spring Showcase 2015-4

    (Photography by FWSD)

    BJASHI is at it again and I am OBSESSED with this yellow dress. The unusual textures created by layering fabric got my fashionista chest beating; very interested to see what her total line will embody in the fall.

    Style Crazed: FWSD Spring Showcase 2015-5

    (Photography by FWSD)

    Can someone please say MOD?! TaSanni is obviously after my Midcentury Modern-loving heart. This dress is flawless, sleek, and could work for any business, Vogue-skimming gal. Love, love, LOVE!

    Style Crazed: FWSD Spring Showcase 2015-6

    (Photography by FWSD)

    As you can see by the shots located above, the Spring Showcase was NOT a fashion party to miss :) so many talented designers!

    Style Crazed: FWSD Spring Showcase 2015-7

    (Photography by FWSD)

    “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!'” – Robin Williams

    Style Crazed: FWSD Spring Showcase 2015-8

    (Photography by FWSD)

    On a [last] more personal note, I am so beyond thankful for all the beautiful souls who have come into my life through FWSD. A year ago, I was fairly new to the San Diego style scene, sitting alone at events, and now I have a whole fashion family. It’s all because of you, Allison Andrews! You are such a forward-thinking force, fabulous friend, and fun-loving gal. I believe I can speak for the entire group when I say you continue to inspire me. All of us. Event after event. Congratulations! If this is just a taste of 2015, this year is going to be smashing.

    P.S. – I was having an awesome hair day at the event. The day of this #stylecrazed shoot :/ not so much! Lol. “Don’t let perfection ruin the good.” Check!

  • “P” Is For Mrs.

    One month ago [today] me and D got hitched.

    P Is For Mrs.

    Glasses: Dolce & Gabbana / “Mrs.” Necklace: Kate Spade New York / Blouse: Victoria’s Secret

    Sweatshirt: Kate Spade Saturday / Jeans: Citizens of Humanity / Shoes: Vans

    And ever since then, I’ve been grinning ear-to-ear. MOSTLY because, well, have you seen my husband?! He’s about as handsome as handsome gets . . . but then again, I can be a little biased ;) no, it’s more due to the fact that everything [right now] in this very moment is my version of perfect. I know it sounds corny, but I truly believe this was a role I was meant to play = being Mrs. Pilant.

    I’ve actually thought “this” for awhile now – even going back as far as our first date! I guess it’s true what they say: when you know, you know. It’s ALSO a task I will never take lightly as marriage is a privilege, not a God-given right. I’m serious. I believe that too many times in marriages [sadly] people become lackadaisical. I’ve seen it happen first-hand and I’m sure YOU have as well.

    Now, I am by no means an expert at relationships. I just feel very fortunate that the universe [or whatever you believe in] has granted me this second opportunity at happiness and I will ALWAYS be grateful for it. I mean the job does comes with its perks: a one-of-a-kind rose gold ring, my own real-life George Clooney [did I mention that my husband’s gorgeous?], and the sort of love and respect most women only read about.

    “It is a full time job being honest one moment at a time, remembering to love, to honor, to respect. It is a practice, a discipline, worthy of every moment.” Jasmine Guy

    What I’m REALLY trying to say IS I’m having the best time :) and we’re only one month in!
  • California Dreaming

    A few days ago [when I “out and about” running errands] I made a point of stopping by the Oceanside Museum of Art to revisit one of their current exhibitions, “California Dreaming.”


    For starters, March is going to be one CrAzY month for me work-wise and I wasn’t sure if another opportunity would present itself before its March 29th close . . . not to mention, this WAS the art on display in the Gleason Gallery when I performed “Five For Th$rty” in December. I ALSO just simply adore it ;)

    California Dreaming

    For what reason?

    I don’t know.

    There’s SOMETHING about this collection and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

    I know its whole purpose was to raise the fundamental question: IS the “California Dream” still alive and thriving, OR has the past half-century of population growth and development seriously affected our notion OF the Southern California lifestyle?


    Of that, I am not sure.

    I mean I DO love to believe that the dream is still alive [man, I sound like a Wilson Phillips’ record] and I AM aware as to how it makes me feel inside by the way it stirs my creative core. Almost as if, the entire display gives me HOPE as an artist [sigh] to continue with this ambition of mine = the notion of functional art.

    “If people knew what Matisse, supposedly the painter of happiness, had gone through, the anguish and tragedy he had to overcome to manage to capture that light which has never left him, if people knew all that, they would also realize that this happiness, this light, this dispassionate wisdom which seems to be mine, are sometimes well-deserved, given the severity of my trials.” Henri Matisse

    I guess that’s what has kept me coming back for more?! The entire exhibition leaves me feeling inspired and I NEED that! Right now. More than ever. ESPECIALLY, when I am trying so hard to stay out of my own way, drown my Creative Gremlin* [he’s such a dick btw], and upholster all these ideas of mine into reality.

    Is it weird to be both excited AND scared to show you [what I’m calling] Homebird Upholstery 2.0?

    At the end of the day, I realize that I just need to create and stop worrying about what the end result will be, BUT that is always easier said than done :) here’s to ME getting a whole lot done before my April 1st website deadline! Now, onto the “work” in my studio.

    *SIDENOTE: Creative Gremlin /kree-ey-tiv grem-lin/ n. Jenna Pilant’s harsh (internal) art critic.

  • Style Crazed: The Bride Wore . . .

    White Glasses!

    Yep, me and D tied the knot last week.


    But if you follow me on Instagram, you already KNEW that ;)

    Then why the blog post?

    Well, this is me TRYING to be patience while we wait for our photos . . . THUS [in the meantime] I thought it could be fun for you and help kill some time for me if I shared my wedding day ensemble here on LLM.

    Style Crazed: The Bride Wore White . . . Glasses ;)

    Glasses: Prada via Andrews Optical / Earrings: Anthropologie and Stella & Dot

    Dress: Tadashi Shoji via Nordstrom / Wedding Ring: Custom / Bouquet: Lionsgate Designs

    Handkerchief: Vintage / Pumps: Kate Spade New York

    When we decided to elope on our three-year anniversary, I knew three things: I wanted no stress, a Tadashi Shoji dress, and white glasses. The first was a no brainer and very easy to accomplish. Someone say courthouse? The second was sort of a challenge = MOSTLY because Mr. Shoji’s lace dresses come in so many beautiful hues and you know how I love my bright colors :) however, once I tried on that purple with my porcelain skin, it was the sure front-runner. For the third [finding my white glasses] that was a DEFINITE challenge! Thankfully though, Sara over at Andrew’s Optical came through for me once again and found the absolute perfect pair.

    From there, the rest was pretty simple.

    I knew D was designing me a custom rose-gold ring, so I matched both my earrings and shoes to it. NEXT [keeping up with the “no stress” theme] I went to Pinterest for bouquet ideas and landed on the notion of using vintage brooches to create one. Now I realize that I am a capable-enough creative to have probably made my own vintage brooch bouquet, but in this case, I decide to opt for someone else to do. AND that’s growth, people! Haha. Plus, once you see all of Lionsgate Designs’ on Etsy, who wouldn’t hire Marie?! I mean the woman is a true artist of her trade.

    Okay, moving on!

    The vintage handkerchief you see [that I oh-so-used during our vows] was a gift from my dear friend, Diana. And, boy, was I glad I remembered it that day! That AND to wear water-proof mascara. BUT then again, I guess bawling your eyes due to the overwhelming happiness you feel inside when you marry your best friend is just a given. Am I right or am I right? Either way, I think that covers it. OH! Wait. I guess I did DO my own hair and makeup :) so I guess I did something. Lol. I HAD originally planned to do a side braid, but that morning, it was causing me too much stress. Especially, after I slammed my leg into a piece of furniture in our hotel room. That’s me! The bruise is gone now but you can still see a little bit of the scab on my left shin. Anyway, that’s why I nixed the idea. [Thanks again, though, Jessika, for showing me how to do it! I truly appreciate it; will have to wear it that way some other time.]

    “A wedding dress is both intimate and personal for a woman it must reflect the personality and style of the bride.”

    Carolina Herrera

    SO, what did YOU think of my bridal threads? Yay? Nay? Or is it #justjenna?

  • Triple Times The Fun

    Three years.

    Three Times The Fun

    (Jimmy Buffet Pre-Concert Pool Party – Circa October 2013)

    “WOW!” That’s what my brain is thinking. We’ve been #meandD that LONG already? While in my heart, “us” runs much deeper than what time can represent. That’s how it should be, though, right?! Like the instant connection I felt with him on New Year’s Eve 2012 as if I already knew him or something. I never imagined, however, that a few short months later I would actually be going on a first date with him. Then fast-forward to today and BAM! = now we’ve been together 1096 days?!?!?! Absolute CrAzY. I guess it is true what they say [WARNING: Total Cliche] time really DOES fly when you are having fun!

    An orange on the table, your dress on the rug, and you in my bed, sweet present of the present, cool of night, warmth of my life.”  – Jacques Prevert

    Today is going to be a good day ;) stay tuned to my Instagram account to watch our day unfold . . .