• 55 Thousand Dresses

    Yes, you did read that title right ;) last Saturday, I had a blast tagging along with Allison Andrews of Fashion Week San Diego to a warehouse in Los Angeles County that is 55 Thousand Dresses. If you’re not sure who or what I am talking about, you need to go their site and read this delightful story about a ballroom dancer who loved his wife SO MUCH that he collected 55,000 dresses for her over a 50-year period . . . now if that ain’t love than I don’t know what is!

    55 Thousand Dresses

    When I walked through the doors of 55 Thousand Dresses, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I mean Allison did warn me that it was going to be a bit overwhelming, BUT since [in my best cocky voice] “I am experienced thrift shopper”, I thought I would be more than fine. Boy, was I mistaken! You were right, Allison :) from the moment I set foot into the room, my jaw hit the floor. AND we were only seeing 18 of the 55!!! The rest of the afternoon was spent perusing rack after rack, laughing with girlfriends, and trying on a few of these vintage beauties from this Guinness Book of World Records’ “Largest Collection of Labels.”

    55 Thousand Dresses

    “There is no excellent beauty, that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.” – Francis Bacon

    Can you guess which one I went home with?

  • 2015 To-Do

    Tuesday is the usual start to my work week, thus making TODAY my first attempt at achieving something in the New Year :) HOWEVER, I couldn’t really go and get started without typing down my 2015 intentions.

    2015 To-Do

    Now, I’ve always disliked resolutions. SO, for the past few years, I’ve been EXTRA careful to only use the word = goals. Well, that didn’t work out great either :( I know a word doesn’t have that much power over me, but when I look back at my 2013 AND 2014 “goals” and see the BIG items I didn’t accomplish . . . I. Get. Frustrated. As a result, I’m switching up my noun-age for the next 365 days and using intentions for 2015. Why? Because I INTEND to get stuff done. So much so, my 2015 to-do’s are going to be bit MORE specific:

    - Read for thirty minutes each day.

    - Get out of the house for a social engagement [at least] once a week.

    - Complete one functional art piece each month.

    - Launch the Homebird Upholstery website by April 1st.

    - Be less hard on myself.

    - Stay musical.

    My list isn’t very long, BUT I have a tendency to believe that I am Super Woman and that there ARE more than 24 hours in a day. Yes, I might be insane ;) that’s why I am trying to be on the side of concise. I mean I’ve been wanting to create a Homebird Upholstery website since December 2012. [Good grief, Jenna!] It’s just that I get distracted VERY easily. I guess it’s a good thing I’ve discovered that about myself, right?! I honestly feel like my mind is running in a million different directions at certain moments. In my attempt to change this year, I even purchased one of Whitney English’s Day Designers in hopes that I can be more frugal in my list making and keep myself balanced. I need to learn that “less is more” in my day-to-day activities.

    “One must never be either content with, or impatient with, oneself.”

    – C. S. Lewis

    Given these points, I AM curious, though – am I alone in feeling like this? I would love to hear if YOU run into any of these obstacles too. We can be CRAZY together. Lol. Happy New Year! And let’s take 2015 by the horns.


  • Fourteen 2014 Highlights!

    Since today is the last day of 2014, I would be remiss if I didn’t identify some of the best moments of the past year. SO, I took a break from the moving boxes, found the cord [FINALLY!] to my computer, and got to reviewing the past 365 days. I honestly forgot about half this stuff! Which is WHY this such an important exercise = yearly reflection. Thus, without further adieu, here are fourteen highlights to help kill some time before the clock strikes twelve :)

    Fourteen 2014 Highlights

    1. Became addicted to Liar’s Dice . . . thanks Matt & Leslie! http://www.luckylittlemustardseed.com/2014/01/liars-dice/

    2. Turned our vinyl dreams into a reality: http://www.luckylittlemustardseed.com/2014/03/and-the-hits-just-keep-on-comin/

    3. Rode in a hot air balloon with D: http://www.luckylittlemustardseed.com/2014/03/sunrise-by-air-balloon/

    4: Learned calligraphy at DesignLoveFest’s studio: http://www.luckylittlemustardseed.com/2014/04/blue-eye-brown-eye-calligraphy-workshop/

    5. Shared my first-ever #roomreveal: http://www.luckylittlemustardseed.com/2014/06/our-master-bedroom-a-giveaway/

    6. Went to the ESPYS with D: http://www.luckylittlemustardseed.com/2014/07/2014-espy-awards/

    7. Helped the Oceanside Museum of Art raise over $100,000: http://www.luckylittlemustardseed.com/2014/08/the-museum-ball-recap/

    8. Took D to the farm: http://www.luckylittlemustardseed.com/2014/09/nebraska-the-pictures/

    9. Hosted a “Ladies Luncheon” with Madmade Designs: http://www.luckylittlemustardseed.com/2014/09/a-ladies-luncheon/

    10. Attended Fashion Week San Diego 2014: http://www.luckylittlemustardseed.com/2014/10/style-crazed-fwsd14-night-4/

    11. Designed a living room by Modani: http://www.luckylittlemustardseed.com/2014/11/a-living-room-modani-style/

    12. Got on stage again: http://www.luckylittlemustardseed.com/2014/11/five-for-thrty/

    13. Turned 30: http://www.luckylittlemustardseed.com/2014/12/an-ode-to-29/

    14. Moved to Fallbrook: http://www.luckylittlemustardseed.com/2014/12/bye-bye-3391-madison/

    “Life is a roar of bargain and battle, but in the very heart of it there rises a mystic spiritual tone that gives meaning to the whole. It transmutes the dull details into romance. It reminds us that our only but wholly adequate significance is as parts of the unimaginable whole. It suggests that even while living we are living to ends outside ourselves.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

    Okay, so December almost KILLED me! Lol. I think I might need to lie down now for a minute and drink some champagne ;) here’s to hoping YOU have the best year yet! Be safe tonight. Don’t drink and drive. [Yes, I know I sound like your mom!] Seriously, though. CALL AAA. You don’t have to be a member tonight from 6 p.m. until 6 a.m. They will for REAL give you a ride home. Alright, I’m off my soap box.

    2015 is going to be UNFORGETTABLE!!!

    Peace-out, Girl Scout.

  • Bye-Bye, 3391 Madison!

    Today is MOVING DAY!

    Yep, #meandD are leaving the Carlsbad Village to go and test drive the Fallbrook area before we buy . . . or BUILD our forever home. I usually get all nostalgic anytime I abandon a residence where I’ve spent some time. However, THAT IS NOT THE CASE WITH THIS HOUSE. But that is different story for another time ;) ANYWAY, before the movers started tearing apart our carefully-curated home yesterday, I decided to snap a few photographs. OKAY! So, maybe I’m a wee-bit sentimental at the moment [dang, Vagina!].

    Here was our home the past two years:


    Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-1

    Living Room

    Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-2

    Living Room

    Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-3


    Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-4


    Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-5

    Dining Area

    Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-6

    Hallway Entrance

    Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-7

    My Office

    Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-8

    My Office

    Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-9

     Guest Bath

    Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-10

     Guest Bedroom

    Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-11

     Guest Bedroom

    Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-12

    Master Bath

    Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-13

    Master Bath

    Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-14

    Master Closet

    Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-15

    Master Bedroom

    Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-17

    Master Bedroom

    Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-18

    “Moving on, is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard.” – Dave Mustaine

    3391 Madison was a nice [temporary] home AND we had it decorated pretty nicely, don’t you think?! :) I cannot wait to share with you how we arrange things in our new rental. It’s a lot of work but always a pleasure!

  • An Ode To 29

    Today is my thirtieth birthday, folks.

    You read that right – the BIG 3-0!

    The past couple of years [well, since I started LLM] I have written an annual tribute to my former self.

    I guess it’s the way I keep myself in check ;)

    “27” was a tough year, “28” was giant leap in the right direction . . . while “29” was hazy.

    An Ode To 29

    Why do you say that?

    Umm, well, it’s MOSTLY because I had such a hard time staying focused this year.

    While you ARE a very creative lady, Jenna, you simply tried to do too much and attempted to go in WAY too many directions. I mean you really riled yourself up for 29, and although that’s good and all, you really need to listen to “What About Bob?” and take baby steps :) the way you went after EVERYTHING left you feeling like you were lacking and that you were maybe not good enough. You ARE a gifted artist. You just need to stick to one area, however = UPHOLSTERY! It gives you such insane pleasure. PLUS, you’re good at it AND have some pretty-crazy-awesome ideas up your sleeve. SO, run with that! Now, I’m not saying that you can’t eventually do other things, but for the time being, zoning-in on one area WILL give you a chance to really spread your wings and fly; HOPEFULLY right into an art gallery. You simply need to be kinder to YOU and not allow yourself to feel so discourage at times. After all, there is NO owner’s manual for what you are trying to do. In fact, you are probably going to fall on your face a few more times before things [success-wise] start happening.


    Remember to breathe and enjoy the ride, Jenna. This isn’t your final destination, but it IS a journey. Your 20’s taught you A LOT! The learning isn’t over yet, though. Keep your eyes wide and your heart open.

    “One must never be either content with, or impatient with, oneself.” – C. S. Lewis

    And like you said last night, THIRTY is going to be the best year yet!